June 10, 2009

Featured Seller: Ozark Scents Candle Co.

June 10, 2009
Be sure to check out this busy mom's shop here.

Tell me a bit about your mommy life: Hi all! My name is Amy. I am a mommy to 4 little girls ages 13, 7, 3, 2 yrs old. My mommy life gets very hectic because my 13 and 7 year olds are very active in school and sports and then my 3 and 2 yr old just keep me busy like all 2 and 3 yr olds do! J We always seem to have something going on between cheerleading, softball, soccer, and piano lessons. I love the summer times because other than a month or so of softball, we basically get to relax and just spend some quality time together as a family, it's nice! This year for the first time in forever I will only have one child home with me all day as my 3 yr old will be going to preschool! I don't know what our 2 yr old is going to do with herself! She is going to terribly miss her sister. Overall, I have completely enjoyed Motherhood and all it's ups and downs and I feel like it is my biggest accomplishment and I am so proud of our girls

Tell me a bit about your shop and your creations: My shop is called Ozark Scents candles and I opened shop in November 2008. I really started actively selling in January 2009 though. I love making things, always have. I have always been a "crafty" type of person and I love trying new things. I started making candles with my Grandmother and I absolutely fell in love with creating them! I have made all types of candles from paraffin to soy to beeswax and I love them all. My favorite to make and in my opinion the best to burn are soy blend but each wax has it's own great qualities and benefits. I guess that is why I like the blend because it combines all those great qualities into one candle! Soap is where I really get creative, I take a soap base and add what I want to it. There is so much you can do with soap and I love handmade soap, once you use it you will not go back to store bought soap again!
Any time saving tips for juggling a business and motherhood? If there are any tips can someone please let me know! My biggest help by far is my supportive husband. He helps with the kids, does housework and cooks dinner if I have to work. For the most part I try to do all my work for my shop while my kids are sleeping or busy playing together or something. Also, lots of coffee and little sleep!

Fun Stuff:
Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?
I am addicted to….coffee, internet, That 70's Show LOL
If you could have one super power….invisibility, wouldn't it be nice to be invisible sometimes!
If I were to catch you grooving it would be to…anything from the 60's…Zeppelin, CCR, Beatles and 90's bands like STP, GNR, Nirvana. I am a music lover however so I like a little bit of everything. I also listen to kids bop cds a lot! LOL

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