November 13, 2009

Sneak a Peek!

November 13, 2009
I wanted to let you all in on a little secret. . . I've got lots and lots, I'm talkin' mucho new accessories to add to Cantaloupe Corner.

Not only can you get fabulous tshirts, but now you can get hair bling too!

But, you're going to have to wait to see them. AH! It's killing me!

OK, I'll give you a little peek, since you asked so nicely. Here are just a couple of my new Cantaloupe Blossoms.
These are so new they aren't even in my shop yet! And you, yes you, are the first to seen them!
(If you just can't wait, email me to order one of these babies.)
And there's so much more to come! eeee! I'm so excited!

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4 fabulous people said. . .:

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...


I have decided I must do headbands as my next holiday gift idea...I will have to include these!

Erin said...

These are so cute Jen!

Lisa said...

Where did you get the idea? My sister in law has done headbands for awhile now that are similar to yours.

Jenifer said...

Hi Lisa,
Becki and I started doing these at the same time. Sometimes I swear we think so much alike we could be
I made a bunch of rolled flower clips and headbands for my sister (and her new baby) the day before Becki posted her first headbands pics. :)
I really respect Becki so I am not trying to take any ideas from her. She has been an amazing friend and has helped me so much in getting my business off the ground.

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