June 18, 2009

Featured Seller: Sassy Stampin Divas

June 18, 2009
Check out their sassy studio here.

Tell me a bit about your mommy life:I am 32 years old, married to Eddie (an electrician) and we have one child, 4 year old Alexis, who will be starting school next year. I am a stay at home mom so I love spending my days with my daughter. I am fortunate that my mother and father live very close by, so Alexis gets to spend a lot of time with her Mamaw and Papaw. I spend a lot of time on the computer during the day designing and networking. Of course I have to stop several times to keep my eye on Alexis and fix lunches and of course to have playtime. Our design studio is in my mom’s house so we work on our designs and Alexis still gets a lot of attention from us throughout the day. It takes a lot of team work to try to run a business and raise a child.

Tell me a bit about your shop and your creations: My mom and I started our Etsy shop in January called Sassy Stampin Divas. Even though we have only been on Etsy a few months we have actually been in business for about a year and a half. Prior to starting our Etsy shop we began our website http://www.sassystampindivas.com/
The Sassy Stampin Divas specializes in designing digital scrapbook pages and photo birth announcements. Together my mom and me were creating a personal digital scrapbook page and found that we seemed to have a knack for digital scrapbooking. With our new found hobby I thought, hey I think we can make a business out of this. So from there our scrapbook service business was started for those of you that would like to have a scrapbook but don’t have the time to create one for yourself. As our business ideas progressed we decided to expand into creating photo birth announcements. We feel that Etsy is a great way to reach out and find new exciting customers for our business, so that is when we launched our Etsy shop.

Fun Stuff:

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate? teaI am addicted to….chocolate

If you could have one super power….I would want to be invisible.

If I were to catch you grooving it would be to…Plain White T’s “Hey There Delilah”

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