December 30, 2009

GIVEAWAY #2 Emerald Blossom Headband

December 30, 2009
I'm so excited to start up Cantaloupe Blossoms on Etsy but I still have a lot of work to do! So, in the mean time I'm giving away free Cantaloupe Blossoms!

As I was picking out a new item for this giveaway I was thinking to myself " I would love to wear something like this to a hoppin' New Year's Eve party!"

I know that tomorrow is New Year's Eve and it's too late for anyone to wear this to any shin-dig, but you can still win it to wear to your next party, or anytime! (Even St. Patrick's Day! It is green!)

So, for giveaway #2 I'm offering up another handmade Cantaloupe Blossom headband!

Emerald Blossom!

This lovely is made of green, grey and white fabric with complimentary beach glass beads on a black stretchy headband.

Here are all the ways to put your name in the pot. (Don't forget to leave a comment about the ones you are doing and leave links for facebook, twitter and blogs!)

#1. Follow My Blog!

#2. Grab my button!

#3. Be a Facebook Fan!

#4. Tweet about this giveaway!

#5. Buy something amazing from Cantaloupe Corner!

#6. Blog about this giveaway! (don't forget to leave the link)

#7. Randomness: What is your favorite song right now? (leave it in a comment)

#8. More randomness: What is your favorite kid's book? (leave it in a comment)

#9. What colors would you like to see on our Cantaloupe Blossoms? (leave a comment)

There are 9 ways to get in on this action! So hurry up! This giveaway will end on January 7th 2010! (whoa I just typed 2010 for the first time! weird!) at 12:00 noon Arizona time.

Thanks for playing and good luck to everyone!!

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December 28, 2009

Funk-a-delic bow headband WINNER. . .

December 28, 2009
I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

We spent our vacation in the mountains where we enjoyed a spectacular white Christmas! I couldn't have asked for more!

I can't wait to get more giveaways going. I've got some fun items in the works!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the funk-a-delic bow headband giveaway.

Now without further ado. . .

The winner is:


Congrats! I'll send you an email to get your address so I can mail out your new headband!


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December 16, 2009

Giveaway! Funk-a-delic bow headband

December 16, 2009
Yippee! It's started! Here is the first of many Giveaways!

I don't know how many I'm going to do, or when they will be yet (I'm impulsive like that).

In honor of my new Cantaloupe Blossom headbands and clips, I wanted to give a new headband away! I will be opening a new Etsy shop just for accessories starting in January!

Right now you can find Cantaloupe Blossoms exclusively at Creative Works Boutique in Gilbert, AZ.

-If you would like a custom headband or clip, convo me on etsy or you can email me at

Here's #1: Funk-a-delic bow headband

How can you get this Funk-ified hair bling?

#1: Follow my blog.

#2: Check out Cantaloupe Corner on Etsy and leave a comment here about your favorite design.

#3: Be a fan of Cantaloupe Corner on Facebook.

#4: Blog about this giveaway (don't forget to leave your blog addy)

#5: Snag Cantaloupe Corner's button for your blog.

#6: Tweet Tweet about the giveaway!

#7: Randomness: Leave me a comment letting me know your favorite color combos. (I am
personally diggin' red and aqua right now, and anything with orange!)

Giveaway will end on December 23rd at midnight and I will choose the winner as soon as I get back from Christmas vacation! Good luck everyone!

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Spotlight: Wee Pereas

Last month I got THE CUTEST reusable snack bags from and Etsy shop called Wee Pereas. I can't believe I ever lived without these!

I hate throwing away zip-lock bags. It feels like a big waste of money and it's not environmentally friendly either. These bags are just the right size, they velcro tightly so no snack sneak out, and they are super easy to clean. And how cute is this fabric!?

Thank you Wee Pereas! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new trendy and eco-friendly snack bags! They will definitely get a lot of use from my two little boys!

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December 13, 2009

Etsy Chat Team

December 13, 2009

I just joined up recently with a bunch of party animals called the"Etsy Chat Team."
I love meeting awesome fellow Etsy sellers and the best place to find them is in the Etsy chat rooms!
I've gotten the best advice there! They took me in and taught me how to make my shop work!
Shout out to the Etsy Chat Team and all of their craftyness. They are so cool they were even nice enough to put one of my onesies up on their blog spotlight! YAY!
Check them out here

. . .or meet them in chat.

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December 12, 2009

Winter Holiday Marketplace stuff

December 12, 2009
There has been nothing but craziness going on here at my house the last couple of weeks! Cantaloupe Corner has been busy!

I've been busy printing, packing, and shipping Christmas orders for good little girls and boys from all around American and as far as Austrailia!

I've also been busy getting ready for today's big market!

Here's our booth at the Winter Holiday Marketplace today.
It was a blast! I met some amazing people and had a great time selling my wares.
(lol. I'm definately not photogenic.)

Now that it's over I am ready to kick back and enjoy the holidays!
I'm off to enjoy some hot cocoa and a movie with my hubby!

Thank you to everyone for all of your help and support!

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December 3, 2009

Winter Holiday Marketplace!

December 3, 2009
I've been workin' my li'l fingers to the bone getting ready for next weekend's big event! I'm so excited! This is the big one:

If you are ready for some amazing Christmas shopping and a whole lot more, come to the Winter Holiday Marketplace in Gilbert on Dec 12th from 9am to 4pm. (next Saturday)

Address: 1385 E Warner Rd. , Gilbert, AZ 85296 Located in parking lot-west of Target

"Don't miss the Best Event of the Year! 60+ unique vendors, live music, petting zoo, yummy food, small carnival, huge raffle, Cinderella, the Grinch, Buttercup the Cow, pictures with Santa and much more!"
(A petting zoo, the Grinch and carnival all in one place? Seriously! Bring the whole family!)

Cantaloupe Corner has brand spankin' new items, including new Cantaloupe Blossoms, that will be seen for the first time at this market, so don't miss it!
This is going to be so much fun! I can hardly stand it! eeee!
See you all there!

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November 30, 2009

I feel a giveaway coming. . .

November 30, 2009
It's the most giving time of the year. And in the spirit of giving I want to give something away too! I'm planning a giveaway and it's coming soon! But first I need your help. What Cantaloupe Corner items do you want to win?
Cantaloupe Blossoms Headbands and clips?
Baby bodysuits?
Toddler/Preschooler tees?

Women's tees?
Let me know by answering the survey at the top right side of my blog.
Thanks y'all! I can't wait!

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November 29, 2009

Who can resist a SALE?!?

November 29, 2009
I dressed my little guy up in his cute little black pirate ship bodysuit over the weekend and he looked so cute and it gave me a great idea! I adore these designs so much I wanted to offer a SALE! For Cyber Monday I have a smokin' deal: 3 cute onesies for only $35 !

And that's not all! How about some stinkin' cute and stylish toddler tees only $45! 11 designs to choose from!
Pick up some fresh-picked goodness for a steal of a deal !
Best prices of the whole year!

I'm so excited about this sale but I've got even more good news!! Cantaloupe Corner has Long Sleeved Tees and new designs!

Snowball Fight!!

BEAT IT- (now available on toddler tees!) Now your little guy (or gal) can make it through the Christmas season with style and a smile.

I can't wait to dress my little boys up in these! I am lovin' the "Snowball Fight". I've had this design in the works for over a year and it's finally here! *happy dance*

P.S. I just threw a snowball at you! ha ha ha! Snowball Fight!!!!

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November 24, 2009

Boutique Debut

November 24, 2009

As of today Cantaloupe Corner's line of headbands and hair clips are available at Creative Works Boutique in Gilbert AZ! 610 N Gilbert Rd. #105 (By Flancers)


This is a new boutique with tons of unique stuff. T-shirts, jeans, jewelry and accessories, flip-flops, kids clothes and much more! If you need Christmas gifts this is a fantastic place to go!

I was also very impressed at how reasonable their prices are!

They will be doing some major promotions and sales this holiday season, so drop by and don't forget to pick up some Cantaloupe Blossoms while you are there.

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November 23, 2009

Front Page News!

November 23, 2009
Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Cantaloupe Corner makes it to the Front Page on Etsy!
That's my new birdcage shirt! It made it all the way to the Front Page as part of this amazing Treasury. Love it!

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November 13, 2009

Sneak a Peek!

November 13, 2009
I wanted to let you all in on a little secret. . . I've got lots and lots, I'm talkin' mucho new accessories to add to Cantaloupe Corner.

Not only can you get fabulous tshirts, but now you can get hair bling too!

But, you're going to have to wait to see them. AH! It's killing me!

OK, I'll give you a little peek, since you asked so nicely. Here are just a couple of my new Cantaloupe Blossoms.
These are so new they aren't even in my shop yet! And you, yes you, are the first to seen them!
(If you just can't wait, email me to order one of these babies.)
And there's so much more to come! eeee! I'm so excited!

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November 4, 2009

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah! New additions!

November 4, 2009
~As promised!~
I am so excited about these new designs! They've been in the works for a while and now finally. . .FINALLY I can share them with you!

How about this? Fleur de lis with damask flair! Two of my favorite things in one!

And a sweet vintage Birdcage with a little bird contemplating his new-found freedom.

This little gentleman is all dressed up in the new "Little Mister" t-shirt. The best way to get your little guy dressed up without dressing up.

I would LOVE your feedback if you would love to leave it. Thanks!

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November 1, 2009

Halloween's over. . . Time for Thanksgiving stuff!

November 1, 2009
Why is it that the day after Halloween all of a sudden candy looses it's appeal and I no longer have a desire to seek out the strange and the frightening.

Halloween was a blast! When you have two little ones to dress up (as pirates!) the fun never ends!
But now that Halloween is over, I'm looking forward to making pumpkin pie from the beloved decorated pumpkins my kids brought home from the pumpkin patch. mmmmmm. I can smell it now.

And did I mention that I am a bit of a turkey fanatic? Fresh from the oven, roasted, juicy, sweet, turkey!

So, in honor of upcoming Turkey Day, here are some new favorite "turkey", and "Turkey Day" things.

I love the vintagey print of this adorable baby bib. This would be perfect for that little one's first thanksgiving (or second, or third.) This bib is by krispybanana

I just had to throw this one in the mix. What is it? A sucker turkey! My mom had one of these when I was just a kid and every year we would put in on top of the TV but we weren't allowed to eat the suckers. Little did mom know that we would sneak one or two every year. (OK she knew, but we thought we were pretty slick). I think some of the suckers were like 8 years old! eeew. This turkey was made by Artsinthebarn

Look at those cute little eyes and that smile. You couldn't eat a real turkey drumstick that looked at you like this. I don't know what I would do with a stuffed drumstick but it sure is cute!
This drumstick was made by Plushoff

I love this turkey sihouette "cupboard print". It is festive and sophisticated.
Print by oldglorysoldier

Need funky thanksgiving jewelry? Check out this "Peace, Love, Turkey" pendant by wickelymodpendants

Great idea for the kids on Thanksgiving day when the adults are sitting around talking about the football game and how much they ate. Some Turkey Crayons and paper will be just the thing! (by lilbooandco)

I think this one in my favorite! Do you have a little chef that loves to help you cook Thanksgiving dinner? How adorable is this Turkey Day apron and Chef hat? I love it! Cute colors and patterns and it's available in sizes 12 months to 10 years.
(by Amievoltaire)

And last but definately not least are these adorably ugly turkey earrings. I'm speechless. . .
( earrings by charlieccbb)

mmm, now I'm craving pumpkin pie and turkey. (To eat, not to wear, silly!)

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