June 2, 2009

Fire and new shirts too!

June 2, 2009
I love those days when someone starts a fire under you and you feel like you can conquer the world! Today was one of those days. I listened to a class on Customer Service today on Etsy taught by the owner of www.brambleberry.com . By the time she was finished I knew that I needed to get some major work done. I need to finish all of my designs that I have been holding off on because I am ready for my business to grow! I am so passionate about my store and I put my heart into all of my designs. Now I just need to get them out there so everyone else can feel the same way!

Here are my newly listed works of art, both posted today!

Rose Damask on Pink. (So beautiful!)

Red Cherry Blossoms (Love this one!)

I only make shirts that I would wear. All of my women's shirts are created for me, then, if I like them enough, I get to share them with you!

I finally posted my very own "Grab Button" so please, grab it and post it on your blog! I will be doing a giveaway soon so tell your friends. It's going to be super-fantastically-awesome!

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2 fabulous people said. . .:

domestic bliss said...

these are soooo cute! LOve them!

Erica said...

Hey Jenifer,
How do you get that little box for Etsy on your blog? I'd like to add that one to mine, but am sort of new to this blogging thing. I'm talking about the little orange box that says "Etsy.com Your place to buy and sell all things homemade." Email me and let me know.

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