October 11, 2012

Fire Ombre Baby Bodysuit Tutorial

October 11, 2012

fire ombre 9 w logo


This little “onesie” is so hot it’s on fire!

This is simple to make and you can use the colors I chose or you can mix it up and create something totally unique.

Here’s what you need:

1. Baby bodysuit (a.k.a. “onesie”)

2. Fabric markers

3. newspaper, foam board, or something else to put inside of the bodysuit to prevent the markers from running through to the other side.

That’s it. Let’s get started. 

fire ombre 1

1. Pick out 3 markers that are similar in color or that can blend well from one to another. I chose Red, Orange, and Yellow for the fire effect.

fire ombre 2fire ombre 3

2. Start from the bottom and straight lines up from the bottom of the onesie. Try to keep them as straight as you can. Start with more lines at the bottom and thin them out a little the further up you go.

fire ombre 4

This is what the red layer looks like when it is done.

fire ombre 5

3. Do the same thing with the orange, overlapping the colors by a couple of inches so it gives the illusion that the red runs into the orange. Make the orange lines more dense in the middle and thin them out on the bottom and top so they blend well with the other colors.

fire ombre 6

4. Do the same thing with the yellow. This will be the top color so make at nice and even at the top.

fire ombre 7

4. When you are done with the front do the same thing on the backside, matching the placement of the layers so it looks cohesive with the front side.

fire ombre 8

5.You can also add a little flare to the sleeves.

6. Heat set the design if your markers require it. Check the instructions on your box of markers. These Crayola Fabric markers need to be heat set with a hot iron.

And you are done! Now go dress up your little fireball!

This is such an easy project. It requires only about 10-20 minutes from start to finish. This would be a great start to a “little devil” Halloween costume! Use your imagination and the possibilities go on for days!

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