July 30, 2009

Eagar Daze! Yee Haw!

July 30, 2009

I am so depressed that I didn't get to do Etsy Faves this week. I'm not a total slacker though. I have been working crazy long hours trying to get a bunch of tees and onesies ready for my first booth!
*Cantaloupe Corner will be at Eagar Daze in Eagar Arizona this Saturday! *

What is Eagar Daze?
A big yearly celebration in Eagar AZ! I used to go to it every year when I was little. I grew up in this small town in AZ.
So it may not be a big show but I can't wait!

The best part is, my dad is going to be sharing the booth with me.

So get this, it's going to be stenciled shirts and . . . wait for it. . . Bullet Belt Buckles! ha!

Not the greatest of combinations but you can fit both into the "things you wear" catagory and that's close enough for me. My dad is amazing and he is an inspiration to me so I'm glad that I can share his little 10x10 foot area with him!

So. . . if any of you just happen to be in the White Mountains in Arizona this weekend, come to Eagar Daze! They have tons of stuff to do and I'll be there showing off my stuff!

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July 21, 2009

Goodness! Etsy Faves!

July 21, 2009
It's Tuesday! My favorite blog day! That means today is "My Etsy Faves!"
So, who's up for this week? Are you ready for some Etsy Awesomeness?

First is one of my personal friends and an amazing crafter her shop is KellyBowBelly.
She makes adorable hair bows and clips and she also makes neckties and bow ties for little boys. She is going to be making my boys ties for an upcoming wedding!
These clips are my favorite. I love the Fleur de Lis!

#2 is a very unique shop by CraftyGAgal . She makes stained glass jewelry! Great, huh? It was love at first sight with these beautiful aqua blue-green "Surf's Tide" earrings.

#3 is a new find. Fleurettejo makes these sweet orange and yellow Poppy hair pins. I love the name! I would love to wear one of these flowers pinned in my hair. So pretty and summery!

#4 Is one of my favorite works of art on Etsy. I included it in a treasury recently and I am still in love with it! This print is by PaintingPrints and it is called "Red Bird Chorus". I'm picky when it comes to art that I really really like and this fits me to a T!

#5: Ha! Monkey Muffin! enough said!
(This cute kid's tee is by DogboneArt)

Ok, that's enough random goodness for today. Until next week!

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July 18, 2009

Technology. . It's a love hate relationship.

July 18, 2009

It all started when I decided that my "grab button" just wasn't cute enough and it needed revamping. So I made a simple little button and tried to stick in the place where the last one once stood. I deleted a little here and added a little there and voila! I messed something up :(

So any of you that had my button on your page and it isn't showing up anymore, I have fixed my button and you can grab my new CC button to put on your awesome blogs!

So, next time I think I need to mess with technology, I'll read the instructions first.


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July 17, 2009

New Treaury: Intense Orange!

July 17, 2009
I snagged another Etsy treasury today. I crammed in as much of my new favorite color as would fit on the page. . . Orange!

Come check out the new treasury here.

I would LOVE to hear what you think about it!

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July 16, 2009

Bookieboo Raves Review!

July 16, 2009
eeeeeee! So exciting!

Holy cow! I'm so excited about this review. Kelly, the girl that did the review lives right here in Phoenix and she edits for Bookieboo and Bookieboo Raves. Bookieboo is all about mommy fitness and yoga and cool stuff like that! It's so. . . me!

So. . . How did it go? Check it out for yourself here!


The pink shirt I made for Kelly we be available in my Etsy shop very soon.

Also in other great news. . . I finally have the Cantaloupe Corner Website up! It still needs some tweaking but feel free to drop by and check it out. http://www.cantaloupecorner.com/

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July 15, 2009

My Etsy Faves! Seriously good stuff!

July 15, 2009
YEE HAW! For my second "My Etsy Faves" post I searched through Etsy and found some Fan-tabulous items that I am IN LOVE with. I'm so excited to share them with you!

#1: From Stansberry an amazing large pink tote with a huge flower on it! I want this bag! Big enough to hold everything you could think of and cute enough to take everywhere with you.

#2 Feeling smurfy? Here's an adorable smurf dress from
GumDropsShop. Fun and twirly!
#3 This is one of the most unique peices of jewelry I've ever seen. It is called the "Wish Ring" by propellers
This beautiful ring has dandelion seeds inside a glass ball! You can't blow them away but you can alway keep your wishes with you!

#4 KobesKenyon79 created this speedy orange coupe! It is fun, brightly colored and my little boys would LOVE it!

#5 There are so many pretty things on Etsy but it is nice to find something that is functional too. This key chain is made by modmomMe and it is perfect for busy moms. It slips around your wrist so when your hands are full of kids or groceries you don't lose your keys and they are easily accessible. And on top of that, they are so cute!

#6 My final fave for this week is some adorable hair bows from georgiablue. This collection is called "Ice Cream Social". It makes me want neopolitan ice cream. mmmmm.

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. Now I get to go shop for next weeks list! Sweet!

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July 13, 2009

My First Etsy Treasury! It's for the Birds.

July 13, 2009
I got my very first Treasury on Etsy! YAY!

I made a collection of bird themed "stuff". I love every piece in this treasury, (of course, that's why I picked them), from bird cage necklaces to stuffed owl pillows.

You have to see this!

Leave a comment if you like it too!

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July 7, 2009

My Etsy Faves

July 7, 2009
One of my favorite ways to waste my time (not that I have any to waste), is to look through the pages of extrordinarily talented people out there making unique, quality, handmade stuff for us!
I am starting a new once a week feature I like to call "My Etsy Faves". I will choose items from Etsy that I think are amazing and share thier work with you! Sweet!
First up, NewFashionedWhispers beautiful blue and white earrings. These would match everything in my closet and would be great for everyday and dressing up too!

I love these cute shabby hair flowers. This is a "Pretty. Messy. flower headband" from joyshope

I don't have any little girls but I would love to put one of these cute flowers up in my hair. The colors and selection are great!

If you are looking for fun, colorful art, here is a funky and fun artist: Jellybeans

These are just 3 of my zillion favorite shops. Can't wait to share more next week! Woo hoo!

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July 1, 2009

This just in. . . new cuteness!

July 1, 2009
New onesies for Cantaloupe Corner!

First up is my very first black onesie! I designed this one almost 2 years ago and it finally made it into my shop!

Once I got it listed today it hit me that "Beat It" is a Michael Jackson song. The connection was not intended but it sure is ironic, don't ya think?

Next is my new favorite applique onesie. I turned my heart flowers stencil into heart flowers applique! I am so happy with how it turned out.

If I had a girl I would love to dress her up in one of these beauties.

I also got some new pics of some previously posted shirts. Aren't my models cute? Yep, they are my little sweethearts.
This is Simon, my 3-year-old smarty-pants. He just turned 3 last month. I have to brag about him because he is so smart. He is already reading simple words and he is 3!
That is why he is the "Brightest Crayon in the Box."
This little guy is Ryan. He is 10 months old and a little ray of sunshine. He always makes me smile. And who can resist those chubby cheeks?

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