October 31, 2011

A (not so) scary Halloween message.

October 31, 2011
I'm pretty darn excited for tomorrow. Tomorrow I open Cantaloupe Corner on Etsy and post all of our newest designs for everyone to see! It's a momentous occasion and if I were you I wouldn't miss it!

I have one more design to show off and the subject matter is very close to my heart. I have been anticipating the launch of this new design for over a year and it is finally ready! 

The subject of our newest design is Pro-Life.

I have had the privilege to hold 3 of my own precious little miracles only seconds after they were born. I have looked into their eyes and each time I am taken back by the eyes that are looking back at me. They aren't just little eyes but they are gateways to little souls. They are little people. Little, tiny, helpless, adorable, innocent people that need someone like me to take care of them until they are able to care for themselves.

The only difference between a baby in the womb and a baby in a mother's arms, and a child running through the back yard is TIME. The child is the same person through the whole process.

I will never be able to understand how a mother can abort a baby for her own convenience. From the second she makes the decision to have unprotected sex (or if protection fails) and that baby is conceived, God gives her a gift that is more precious that anything in the world. Whether it is an accident or not, a baby is special. That sweet precious baby should be able to live and enjoy life, not be snuffed out due to embarrassment or so the mother can have a more convenient lifestyle.

It's only 9 months.

For any mother out there that thinks they can't put that sweet little infant up for adoption instead: It's only 9 months out of an entire lifetime. And that 9 months is a small sacrifice for that baby and also for that mother who is not able to have children of her own. I have seen MIRACLES in lives of my friends because of those mothers that chose to have their babies and give the greatest gift to a barren mother. It touches the lives of more that just her. It touches her family and friends and enriches the lives of everyone who will get to know that precious child throughout his or her life.

I have had close friends that were adopted as babies and they are immensely grateful that they were given a good life, and even more grateful for the simple gift from their birth mother to let them live.

This is my baby. He is now 5 months old and he has the same little nose, hands, cheeks, eyes, etc. that you see in this ultrasound picture. He was given to me to raise, protect, lead, and guide.
He is a ray of sunshine in my life. My life would never be complete without any of my 3 special, unique, little boys.

It is with this little boy in mind, and my strong believe in the sanctity of life, that I introduce our newest Cantaloupe Corner product.

It is simple, and sweet, and focuses on the positive. All of us who are alive today can thank our mothers for choosing to let us live!

(This onesie is available today on our Facebook page, and will be available tomorrow in our Cantaloupe Corner Etsy shop. )

I don't know about you but I am really grateful that my mommy chose life  :)

I hope everyone has a great Halloween! Take those precious kids out trick-or-treating and be thankful that they are alive and that they fill your heart with so much love!
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October 28, 2011

My kids' costumes: Wall-e and a baby owl

October 28, 2011
I say this every day but I'll say it again. Time is flying by!

Halloween is on Monday and I just barely finished my boys' costumes right in the nick of time. We will be spending the weekend with family so it was getting down to the wire. But they are done! And I'm pooped.

I'll show you my favorite one first. This is Ryan wearing his Wall-e Costume. He has had his heart set on being Wall-e for weeks and I kept hoping he would change his mind because i had no idea how I would pull it off. 2 days ago I realized he was serious about being Wall-e and no other costume would do. I just happened to have a box in the right size and we picked up some spray paint at Wal-Mart. Some painting, cutting, glueing later and we had Wall-e. Since I waited unil the last moment I left out the Wall-e hands and wheels. But Ryan LOVES his costume and I am happy because he is happy. 

And this is my adorable little owl:
 Man, I love this kid.
I crocheted his owl beenie, which will come in handy in the cold winter too.
For the body of his costume I sewed felt "feathers" onto a long sleeved onesie and attached wings to the sleeves. I wanted to keep it soft and small so he doesn't look like he is being swallowed up by his costume. I always feel bad for those kids that their parents dress them up as oversize pumpkins or big fluffy mosters. Their eyes say "please save me from this embarrassing outfit my mom is making me wear!"

I have one more costume I made for my 5 year old that I just finished tonight so I'll post pictures from our Halloween party when we get back.

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October 25, 2011

Sneak Peek - New ink-free designs!

October 25, 2011
After spending hours designing, printing, picture taking, editing, blah blah blah. . .  I am so excited to bring you some of our brand new ink-free designs. Here is a sneak peek of 2 of my favorites!!!
Do you want to see? Are you excited as me???


If you want to see these and more new designs, head over to our Cantaloupe Corner Facebook page! "Like" us on Facebook and you can buy our new designs before the rest of the world even gets to see them!
(I really really love our Facebook Fans! Not that all of our fans aren't great. It's just that they pushed that little "like" button and that makes me feel special.) Plus, you will get all our our latest and greatest news and see all of our new stuff first! And all of the cool kids are doing it.

Our new designs will be available in our Cantaloupe Corner Etsy shop on Nov. 1st. But if you just can't wait until then. . . you know where to go.

And there is more good stuff coming soon! Including an epic new item!
I wish I could tell you more but I just can't.

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October 21, 2011

Feeling a little red today.

October 21, 2011
I got a "wild hair" this last weekend and dyed my hair red! (Ok, I got a whole head full of wild hairs.) Really RED! Red Red Red!

 I have this amazing sister-in-law that does my hair for me. She took me with her to CosmoProf so I could pick out the color.  I was really nervous to go so bright but I needed a change and I haven't change my hair color in a while. 
Back in the day, when I was in high school and college I had my hair every color from platinum blonde (which I LOVED) to dark brown. I must have been missing my wild side becuase wow this color is vibrant! But I am loving it.

I realize this has nothing to do with t-shirts, or that fact that I will be opening our Cantaloupe Corner Etsy shop on November 1st (YAAAAY, I'm so excited!). My next post will be all about that. And a preview is coming your way!
And BTW, if you haven't already done it yet, join our Cantaloupe Corner Facebook page to be the first to see and purchase our brand spankin' new designs!!!
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October 6, 2011

I heart Harry Potter

October 6, 2011
I admit it. I am a super dork when it comes to Harry Potter.

 I secretly hope and owl brings my Hogwarts letter.I want to be Hermione and fight bad guys with the wave of my magic wand. 
When I was little I used to dream about how amazing it would be to wave a magic wand and make things happen. In elementary school I used to check out magic books from the library and practice making pennies "disappear" or other cheesy tricks. Harry Potter brings out that kid in me. I love it.

Now the very last HP movie is on it's way to DVD (on 11/11/11) and will soon be in my collection!  I'm so sad that this was the last movie. *tear* It's the end of an era.

 I am now involving my kids in my fascination with HP.

For all of you non-Harry Potter nerds, these are the magic words Harry says to open the Marauder's Map to see where everyone is in Hogwarts.  "I solemly swear I'm up to no good."

I may have to put this on a t-shirt for my second son, the mischief maker.

And to close the map, so nosey teachers can't see what you are up to, you simply say "mischief managed."

Perfectly magical.

And I have to mention that whenever me and my hubby have the boys in bed and we are in the mood for a good movie, 9 out of 10 times I will pick out one of our Harry Potter movies. I watch them over and over and I can't get enough.
What other story gives you loyal friendships, combining against evil, fighting for what is right and good?  With all the junk out there on TV these days it's great to find a story with real values.

But we still argue about who Harry should have ended up with. Hermione or Ginny?

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