August 28, 2010

Momma Go Round - Giveaway

August 28, 2010
Most of y'all have probably sent your school-aged kids off for the first day of the new school year. You may have diligently searched every store for deals and steals on hip new clothes and shoes to send your kids to school in.

The older brothers and sisters are all decked out in their new school gear, now it's time for pre-school shopping!

Dress up your toddlers in some new duds.

Today Momma Go Round is starting a round of features and giveaways for all of your back-to-school needs. And not just for toddlers. (Even though we really really love toddler clothes!)

AND Cantaloupe Corner is giving away a "Little Mister" toddler tee! Check out the Momma Go Round blog to enter.    Now your little guy can get all dressed up for his first day of preschool.

And. . . there just might be a coupon code for our Etsy shop.



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August 25, 2010

Doily - licious

August 25, 2010
Remember how doilies used to get a bad rap for only hanging out in old folks homes or only coming out at Christmas time?

The doily is back and they are everywhere.

(And I suddenly have the desire to put them on everything. )

This morning, How About Orange put up a collection of simple  doily projects. I am in love with all of them and I am pretty sure that I need to go buy some more doilies today.

I am in love with this one in paticular from :

Doily stencils? How cool is that?!
The whole tutorial is available here.

Need some more doily awesomeness? How about something for your naked kitchen table.
What better way to dress it up than with doilies!

I know what you're thinking. You have to have one!
Go hit up your grandma, or local yard sales for some vintage doilies or pick some up at your neighborhood craft store and get the tutorial here.

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August 18, 2010

Magnet Board Re-do

August 18, 2010
Like many of you, I get a rush out of treasure hunting at yard sales.
My husband has learned that I never really like anything until it has been painted at least once.
Spray paint is my dear friend.

This week's treasure hunting trip landed me with this beauty.
The paper was warped and someone must have used it for a candle holding table tray because there was a huge wax spill on it.
I adore the glass drawer pulls. So vintage.
The nautical paper had to go. I scraped off the seagulls and starfish off the metal backing and painted the frame matte white.

Then I added some cute yellow fabric and trimmed with black ribbon.

I am using it for my kids who are 2 and 4. We have the letter of the day and the word of the day.

This was also my solution for my son using up all of my scotch tape to hang up his drawings of trains ALL over the house! You should see my collection hanging in my studio, whoa! I love them but . . . you know, after the 30th picture of the same thing. . .

So now he has a magnet board to display his very favorite pictures.


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August 13, 2010

{ Reconstruction }

August 13, 2010
I just finished this shirt for me. It has a screenprinted tree, shabby reverse applique birds, and lace trim around the neck. It was so fun to make and I want to make more!
I have a bunch of leftover blank women's tees in my studio that I don't have in my shop. Should I venture into the world of reconstruction? Yes? No? 
Just a thought.

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August 11, 2010

Squeaky Clean Place Mats - Easy Tutorial

August 11, 2010
Squeaky Clean Kids Placemats

What do you need?

Fabric and Thread-preferably sturdy cotton
Clear plastic/vinyl  (You can use an old shower curtain, or pick some up from Wal-Mart or your favorite fabric store. It is sold on gigantic rolls. The thinner vinyl is easier on your sewing machine.)
Scissors, Pins, & Sewing Machine

 1. Cut your fabric to the size of your placemat + 1/2 inch per side for seam allowance. I wanted a 12 x16 mat so I cut my fabric to be 13 x 17. You need 2 rectangles of fabric and one of vinyl.

 2. Layer. Sandwich the vinyl between the fabric. Right sides of the fabric go inside.

 3. Pin your layers together to prevent them from slipping.

 4. Sew the edges,  leaving a 4 to 5 inch opening on one of the sides.

 5. Trim the edges and corners.

 6. Turn right side out.

 7. Tuck and pin the opening so it matches the other sides. Top stitch all the way around, close to the edge.

Easy, right?   Now go make some more to match!

Easy to wipe clean when your kids get them messy. And when they get really messy, handwash and air dry.

Before you sew your layers together you can add appliques, patchwork, names, or whatever you want to the top layer.  

 I kept mine simple, but the possibilities are endless!

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August 9, 2010

{ a bird with a french fry }

August 9, 2010
(print by dazeychic)

Just looking at this print makes me happy.    :)

Today I promise myself to be happier than a bird with french fry.
I will try to make someone else's life better because that will make my life better.
Today I will smile at someone I don't know.
I will do something extra to make my husband happy.
Today I will play with my children until we laugh so hard our sides hurt.

Today I will be grateful for all that I have been given, because I have been given more than I could ever deserve.

Today I will spread love.

Today I will give a bird a french fry.

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August 2, 2010

H-H-H- Happy Birthday!

August 2, 2010
A very merry Un-Birthday toooooo you!
(unless today is your birthday. Then to you I say Happy Birthday!)

As I mom, I know how much fun it is to plan out our  kids' birthdays!
Family, friends, activities,  cake, ice cream, games, pizza, and cute outfits.

For my son's birthday this year he turned the big 4.  We planned out our day full of adventure and I just had to make a shirt for him so EVERYONE would know it was his big day

I was so amazed at the love he recieved all day long! Everywhere we went he got smiles and "Happy Birthday" wishes.  And at lunch at Red Robin, we didn't have to tell our server it was his birthday.  She automatically brought out the festive, and free, cup of celebratory ice cream sundae.

Gotta love free ice cream  :)

I just put his "Birthday Boy" t-shirt , (which BTW he helped me design) into our Etsy shop, along with a new "Birthday Girl" design.

Birthday Boy shirt
Birthday Girl Shirt
These tees come in different colors, and come in sizes 12m to 6y. I can also print them on bigger sizes, just email me or contact me on though our Cantaloupe Corner Etsy shop.

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your sweet little tikes!
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