June 4, 2009

Featured Seller: Hugger Mugger

June 4, 2009
Our new Featured seller is Hugger Mugger. Find her on Etsy Here.

She has a great array of items in her store icluding hats, "intant canteens", notebooks, finger puppets, and more!

Tell me a bit about your mommy life: My son Daniel is 19 months old right now, and it seems like he learns a new word every five minutes. We spend our days reading books, going to the nearby playground, and taking walks in the big graveyard a few blocks away. That last one sounds pretty weird, but it's a beautiful cemetery with flowering trees, a river, ducks, geese, and winding paths that are smooth enough for the stroller. It's a wonderful place to go when we both need a little quiet time outside. When he takes his afternoon nap, I get to work on my craft projects or do some writing, maybe watch part of a movie or read a bit.

Tell me a bit about your shop and your creations: I started my shop at the suggestion of a friend who has an Etsy shop herself. I decided to name it Huggermugger because it's a fun old word that no one really uses anymore -- among other things, it means "jumble," and I knew my shop would end up a big jumble of different kinds of items because I love to do so many crafty things. I was right -- at the moment, I sell crocheted baby hats, one-of-a-kind collaged journals and notebooks, finger puppets, purses, sachets... and I'm working on some new items that are different from any of those. Most of the things I sell come about because I need something myself and decide to make it instead of buying it, and then I decide I like making that item and make some to sell too. I started making my baby sun hats because I needed one for my son last summer. I journal and write a lot

Any time saving tips for juggling a business and motherhood? I find my life goes the smoothest if I pick one particular project or chore to complete each day. Be it sweeping the floors or photographing a new item for my shop or getting a blog post written, as long as I've finished that project by the end of the day, I can feel like I haven't wasted my day. It's what keeps me from going completely looney.

Fun Stuff:
Coffee, tea or hot chocolate? Mmmm, hot chocolate. And coffee. Sometimes tea.
I am addicted to…movies. I have hundreds. And I wish I had more!
If you could have one super power… Time travel! Not necessarily to use to visit really far eras in the past, though that would be fun now and then. What I really want is to just be able to add about three hours to each day.
If I were to catch you grooving it would be to… Bobby Darin. Oh, how I love his music. It snaps me out of a bad mood faster than almost anything other than a kiss from my husband or a slab of dark chocolate.

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Rachel Kovaciny said...

Thanks so much for the feature! I want you and your readers to know that for June 4-5 ONLY I am offering a FREE collaged mini notebook when you spend $10 or more at Huggermugger :-) Thanks again!

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