October 29, 2009

P.S. You can make one too

October 29, 2009
One of my favorite trends right now is all the spiffy decked-out headbands I see all the cool girls wearing. From frilly felted flowers to lace and vintage buttons, you can't deny their cuteness!
(This one is by Emma lee's boutique on Etsy)

As I was wondering through cyberspace I happened across this adorable site called P.S. I made this. I'm sure all of you "in" people already know about this site but I just found it for the first time.

This site is full of do-it-yourself high fashion projects. Most of which don't take much time or money to make.

This one was my fave! A sweet art deco headband made of just a few items you can pick up at your local craft store (or in your own craft stash.) Yep, fancy yet super simple. (I knew you would like it.)

I think I might have to try this out today.

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October 11, 2009

We got it! New onesies and tees

October 11, 2009
I just finished half-a-dozen cutesy, fun, and classy new designs!

Holy Monkeys! I am so excited! I have 3 new onesies/tees posted in my shop right now and the rest will be coming soon!

I wish I could turn my head inside out and drop all of my best ideas on this page. I have so many designs I want to make. . . (deep breath). . .but, one at a time I'll let them out and I'll share them with you. :)

You wanna see what I've been up to?
Here's what's brand new at Cantaloupe Corner! (yay!)
This design started out as a custom request from a friend and turned into one of my fave onesies!
If you love punk music or style or if you just want to dress your kid up and spike his hair into a mohawk, this is for you. I would love to pair this with some funky plaid pants for a boy or a big pink skull bow for a girl. LOVE! (BTW it is available in light blue and pink too!)

I warned your mateys! Arrrr. Here come the pirates! Here is a pirate ship your little one can wear anytime. Retro-pirate goodness! (Also available in light blue and pink!)
I wanted to make a fun Halloween tee for my boys to wear this year.
Halloween + Skulls = Pirates!
I am dressing up my cute boys as pirates this year and I am sewing thier costumes. I just couldn't get away from a pirate themed shirt for them to wear before Halloween.
I have this amazing bright orange (perfect for Halloween) but I have other colors too. Check my Etsy site for options.

Stay tuned for more adventures in the designs of Cantaloupe Corner. I have some new tees and accessories I can't wait to get posted.
How about a new Fleur de lis?! Intriqued?

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October 7, 2009

Halloween wish list. . . spooky!

October 7, 2009
The frightful night is creeping upon us like a spider stalking softly and quickly across his sticky sparkling web. It sneaks closer as the clock ticks it's mesmerizing repetitive song. Halloween will soon be here!

Beware the creatures and spirits that make thier grand entrance on All Hallows Eve. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!

So, what are you going to be on Halloween night? A witch or a goblin or a ghost?

Here are a few things that could make your night fun and frightful!

(Most of these are on my personal wish list!)

What does your future hold? Look into this breathtaking Crystal Ball Ring to find out. This would make a great addition to your witch, gypsy, gothic, vampire, fortune teller, or wizard costumes.
This lovely ring was crafted by idlehandsdesigns

Next up is this Neo-Victorian Tiara by EJPcreations. Dark and beautiful, this tiara is made out of, what else, clock hands! Can you believe it? Unique and stunning!

Here in Mesa, Az, Fall is the most beautiful time of the year. I crave the autumn decor that begins to overtake every craft store this time of year. I love the greens, browns, oranges and reds. That is why I love these adorable autumn flavored earrings by bijouxdesignsforyou. (She is also a member of the Busy Moms of Etsy!)

Here is a uniqe idea, tattoo nylons. They'll make you batty! (Sorry for the cheap pun, I just couldn't help it.) Add extra flare to your Halloween costume with something so unpredictable and oh so sassy! More designs and colors available at Post on Etsy.

I couldn't finish this post without something piratey. I absolutely adore this red velour pirate hat. I've been trying to piece together my piratess costume for Halloween and this hat would be the perfect finishing touch. Arrrr. (Hat by CarribbeanRosePirate)

If you want to dress up but don't want to spend big bucks or go through the trouble of finding or making a costume, I have the perfect solution for you. A shark bite hat by ObeyMyBrain! It also doubles as a stuffed animal when Halloween is over. Shark-tastic!

Now for the kid's stuff! I found these cute frankenstien baby mary jane shoes and had to show them off to you. I don't think Frankenstein has ever been more loveable! Makes you want to kiss that stitched up little face. :) These cute shoes were made by Em&Sprout.
And speaking of cute Frankensteins. . . You have to check out OhBananas! She made this adorable, 2 toothed, cute-as-a-button Franky for your little monster to wear this Halloween!

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October 3, 2009

Scurvy Sea Dogs! Arrrr

October 3, 2009
Arrr mateys!
What did the pirate say when his wooden leg got stuck in the freezer?
(Shiver me timbers!)

Halloween is coming and I'm all about ghouls, ghosts, witches and pirates! Ok, mostly just pirates. Maybe it's becuase I have been reading "Treasure Island". Or maybe it is because I have a secret crush on Captain Jack Sparrow (don't tell my husband). :)

I can't wait to sew my kid's pirate costumes. I may even make a pirate-ess costume for me! Savvy?

I've been working on some new print designs for Cantaloupe Corner and I am sure some pirate-isms are going to show up here and there.

You'll just have to wait and see. . .

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October 2, 2009

Etsy Faves! Showing some love

October 2, 2009
I surfed around and found some stuff

And I could not get enough.

Trinkets, baubles, odds and ends,

The coolest stuff to show my friends.

I want to share, to rant and rave,

about the best: My Etsy Faves!

Here are this weeks faves! A little of this and a little of that.

First up is a beautiful Beach Stone Ring by nanouke. Even though Fall is here I still crave going to the beach and playing in the ocean. This ring has a very unique nautical feel that I adore.

Since fall has arrived I am being drawn to those stunning jewel tones you see in every store. So warm and rich. These pretty puffy purses are warm and velvety. A perfect accessory for fall! Handbags by GraceCreative.

I have a black and white miniature schnauzer names Zeus. Last week I was searching for a new collar for our four-legged friend when I came across this amazing collar! Trendy, preppy, yet manly enough for a little dog named Zeus. I have put this one on Zeus's Christmas list. Collar by DirtyDawgz

I had honestly never seen anything like this before. Forget pet rocks! How about a pet tree! This is a real live banana tree growing in this pendant! Seriously! These stylish and unique tree pendants are made by treeforyou and there are lots of styles and types to choose from, you can even wear a cactus!

Here kitty kitty. . .
I love these adorable crayons. Perfect for little learning hands. Crayons by kittybblove.

I am a HUGE fan of the color orange! I fell in love with this adorable apron at first sight. Super stylish yet simple. Sweet! Apron by adaniels6

This is just a handfull of the million things that make me smile. I hope they make you smile too!

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