August 25, 2011

This is Epic!

August 25, 2011
I'm the proud mommy of a Kindergartener!
Simon is just finishing his 3rd week in school and he is loving every second. He comes home happy and exhausted every day. Every day he has new stories and lots of new questions. I am so proud of him and his endless ambition to learn everything he can!

I had so much fun making Simon new t-shirts to wear to school. Since I knew I wasn't going to be selling these I didn't have to be completely original in my designs. In fact, one of my favorite shirts I finished was a copy-cat of a great shirt I found at

Excuse the wrinkles. I had to grab these from my son's clothes pile and snap shots before the baby woke up. I think the wrinkles add to the vintage look. don't you?

Here is the original tee from Nordstrom:

You can find this tee Here.

I learned a new technique to get the vintage style ink-printing on dark colors. It worked really well and it left the shirt so soft, almost like there was no ink at all. I used the same technique on 2 other shirts as well. It's. . . EPIC!
 I'll post those shirts as soon as I get caught up on my pile of laundry, a.k.a Mount Washmore.

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August 13, 2011

{ a little madness }

August 13, 2011
Things at our house can be described in one word: madness.

All of you moms with 3 or more kids, you have my respect. This mommy business is tough. But the madness is great too! We are enjoying every minute of time with our new (now 2 month old) baby. We are at the stage right now that we can venture out into public for short bursts of time without him crying inconsolably. There is no calming down this child when he is hungry. And he is hungry all the time. This week we took him in for his 2 month checkup and he weighed in at a hefty 15 pounds! Yes, this kid likes to eat.

Since we are still trying to get our family on a schedule, which includes our oldest going to kindergarten (wow, is he that old already?), we will be pushing back our re-opening to sometime late this fall or early winter. I have new ideas in the works, and new designs that are sooooo close to being finished. I need a clone so I can get all my biz stuff done and make sure my mommy stuff gets done too. So for now I choose the most important of the two. Once I can effectively juggle being the best mom I can with running a happy business I will re-open my shop with new goodies inside! And I have new tutorials in the works too!

Until then, I will enjoy this madness.

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