March 26, 2010

Vintage Calendar Wall Art

March 26, 2010
My boys are soooo into trains. My 3 year old is completely obsessed. He plays trains all day long, building tracks in my living room, guest room, kitchen, sandbox. . . and he even dresses the part of the engineer when he can. When it was time to "grow up" the boys' bedroom I made the difficult choice of doing a train theme. (Like there was any other choice.) 

I am slowly doing one project at a time to Train-ify their room. I chose funky colors like turquoise, mustard yellow,  and red: all derived from the hip fabric I got for my son's quilt. (sorry, no pics)

But today's project was my favorite! I used an old calendar full of amazing vintage train posters to make art for their wall! The best part is that the posters even matched his quilt!
This is definitely the way to recycle!

Vintage Calendar Wall Art

First I cut out the pages I wanted and taped them together to make small posters. 
Then I took my HUGE canvas that has been sitting around my house for way too long and I painted it.  (I was supposed to paint a big ol' fancy train on that canvas but obviously never did. Who has time for stuff like that?)

Once you get the colors you want just paste your pictures onto the canvas. I used Mod Podge but as you can see the pictures got a bit lumpy :(  I'm sure there's a better option for glueing paper onto canvas. 

Next, I added a fabulous vinyl sticker (I ordered off of Etsy, on clearance!) at the bottom.  I was going to use this sticker on the wall but I want to paint the walls too. . . maybe. . .
At least I have options. (I must have commitment issues)

And to complete my work of art I hot glued old rope around the outside edges to make it look even more vintage.

All that's left to do is hang it on the wall, stand back and enjoy.

And my favorite part is that I didn't have to step foot inside a store! I had all of this stuff on hand.
If I was going to buy the materials:   
Canvas = $15 (use a coupon for Michaels or Joanns)
Paint = .33 each bottle. I used 3 colors
Awesome Calendar =  Dollar store find!! (seriously!)
Vinyl Sticker =  $4 on Etsy

Everything for about $20!
That's it! Great custom kid's room art for cheap!
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Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

How creative! I really want to try some vinyl stickers out on canvas.

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