March 1, 2010

Which color?

March 1, 2010
I keep looking at these 3 colors and I can't decide which new Women's tee color to choose.  Each one is super cute and I want them all but I have to narrow down my choices to only one lucky color.

Dusty Pink, Turquoise, or Chocolate?

(My Internal Conflict): "I wear blue a lot and that turquise is so trendy, but my eyes are drawn to the pretty oh-so girly pink. And chocolate brown is so. . . chocolatey (and classic), and chocolatey. So I want the. . . Pink! No, Blue! No, Brown! aaah!"

So, help save me from my own insanity and tell me which color you can see yourself in. And help me save a few brain cells while you are at it.


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8 fabulous people said. . .:

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

I never where enough blue, so for me I choose blue :)

Debra said...

Love them all...I think most ladies would buy the blue since it is the color for this spring!

Erica said...

My vote is for the blue too. Can't wait to see some of your new stuff!

mele and makani said...

Brown is my favorite :)

TwoIndustriousFerrets said...

Turquoise. Cannot go wrong with turquoise.

Itty Bitties said...

I'm a brown girl with blue as really close second.

Maryanne said...

the blue!

BuggaLove said...

chocolate for me!

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