March 1, 2011

Baby's Room Lamp Re-vamp

March 1, 2011
Remember the Drum Light I made out of stuff I found around my house?

This one:

With our new baby coming, it's time to de-girlify his room/my office so we can eventually turn it into his nursery.

That pretty lamp got a make-over and became THIS:

Bye Bye girly.  Hello boy!

I removed the floral fabric and replaced it with a funky patchwork of the same fabrics I will be using throughout his room.   I also shortened it  a bit by cutting the side wires shorter. Then added some equally funky ribbon trim to finish it off.
Do you want to build your own? Find the tutorial Here

The room looks completely different from when I had my pretty lamp hanging up. The striped wall paper is gone and cantaloupe orange paint has taken it's place. I can't even begin to describe how much I love the color!

 And did you notice the shelf?

I stripped the fabric off of my girly shelves and recovered them to match the room. Each shelf only took about 15 minutes to do! It's a simple way to hide an ugly shelf or add some extra color and texture to your room. See the Fabric Covered Shelf tutorial here to make one of your own.

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