March 26, 2011

Cardboard Boxes and Rain Puddles

March 26, 2011
They are cool, fun, and cheap, and much more exciting than whatever was inside when you got home from the store.
They are race cars, rockets, trains, houses, and lemonade stands.

You can't deny the attraction between kids and cardboard boxes.

Contents: Hours of creative entertainment.

Remember being this small and fitting so comfortably into such a cramped little space?

Refrigerator boxes are the best but any big box will do.

It is so fun having kids at this stage. Imaginations run wild around here.

We also love the rain.  Here in AZ rain only comes a few times a year. It makes me giddy to smell the rain in the air.
The kids love to run in the rain and jump in the puddles. The puddles may be (really) small but they are still boy magnets.

Ahh, the simple joys of being a kid.

Happy Saturday!
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