March 2, 2011

Happy living!

March 2, 2011
Have I ever mentioned that I lalalove what I do?

I do!

I am a Stay-at-Home/ Work-at-Home-mom and I have the unfathomable privilege of getting to use my creative side every day! YAAAY!

I have been thinking a lot about where I want to go with my business and my blog. I will be closing up shop for maternity leave at the end of April but I am planning on keeping the blog up and running.
Cantaloupe Corner has been successful because my customers (yes you!) appreciate high quality clothing free of harsh chemicals and inks. I try my best to live life with your children's mental and physical well-being at heart, and that starts at home with my own children.

At our house, we like to live as "clean" as we can. I don't mean that my house is clean. No, I still step on matchbox cars and Thomas trains every single day, my floor is always sprinkled with sand from the sandbox, and my sink is rarely empty. To me, living clean is keeping the hazardous, cancer causing junk, and anything morally or emotionally degrading away from our home and away from my kids.  I believe that when God made the earth he put everything here that we need to be healthy, strong and HAPPY!

Along with more craft tutorials and fun stuff, I want to include my own tips and tricks and new things I learn about living clean and happy while staying on budget.

I have already included my Fruit and Veggie Wash recipe. It is a great way to start kicking out much of the pesticides and gunk that lurk on your foods.

My tip for today is: SMILE!
Did you know that even if you are having a horrible day, smiling releases endorphines that will help you start feeling better as soon as the edges of your mouth start to turn up.

Try it.

Feeling better already?
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