March 9, 2011

Bottled Water vs. Tap Water

March 9, 2011
We live in the desert where good water is hard to find, unless you buy bottled water or a fancy schmancy water filter.
Sometimes when I stand in line at the Wal-Mart checkout I see folks with carts packed to the brim with CASES of bottled water.

I've been there.

We used to be the ones loading up our carts with H2O. But in our defense, we did one thing differently. We would use the bottles and then we would refill them a couple of times before we would throw them out. But we still threw them out. Cart loads of them! Some of them destined for the dump; Others off to a recycling facility to be made into new bottles. At least I think that is where they go. . .

-I have learned a little bit about water since those days. The first piece of incredible information I came across is that most of that "mountain spring" bottled water from some exotic land is really just tap water. (GASP!)   And not even great tap water!

-The second tidbit of amazing information is that most of those recycled bottles don't end up at your neighborhood recycling plant. And they usually don't get made into new bottles. So where do they go?

Here is a  fun and informative video that tells the whole story about bottled water. It will make you think twice before you grab that $2.00 bottle of glacial spring water from the Alps.

So the moral of the story is: Buy one good bottle and refill it.
And depending on where you live, your tap water may be healthier and better tasting that the stuff in the  bottle with a mountain on it.

We absolutely love these convenient BPA Free Camelbak bottles.

They cost about $13 each and they are worth every penny.  And just think how much money you save by filling up your new bottle at home. Cha Ching!
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Marie said...

Just learned about this in my nutrition class. Public water systems meet the minimum standards for heath while not all bottled water is even tested.

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