March 12, 2011

Happiness is. . . Passion

March 12, 2011

There are times when I want to stand on my soap box and scream at the top of my lungs to all of the people out there that are missing out on LIFE.

You know who I'm talking about:
The young guy that sits in his cubicle all day trying to make it to 5 'o clock just so he can race home and sit in front of the TV and watch his favorite reality or crime scene shows. Every day is the same thing. Work, TV, sleep, repeat. He never moves up in the company because he is comfortable with his life. Not happy, just comfortable.

Or maybe it's the girl who is waiting tables only because she doesn't feel like she is worth enough to get a better job. She would love to go back to school to be a nurse. She is a good people person afterall. But she has heard it is hard to get into the local nursing program. So she keeps going back to the same old smelly restaraunt job, day after day. Maybe she'll try school next year.

Or the old grey haired man that has been working at the same tedious, boring job for as long as he can remember. Not because he likes what he does, but because it is comfortable. Safe.  He hangs up pictures of Cancun and Fiji in his office but he knows he will never go. How could he miss that much work? Besides, he wouldn't really enjoy it anyways. right?

 I have close friends/family that live like this.  They watch the days tick by and hope that happiness will find them.

I'm sorry, but happiness doesn't just walk around knocking on people's doors. Happiness is a journey. An adventure!

On the other end of the spectrum there are the happiest people I know. They enjoy their jobs, even if they aren't making any money. They are thankful to be alive. They are full of PASSION!

Passion is a very personal feeling that comes when you find something that makes your life truly worth living. It can come from your children, your job, your hobby, a good cause, your business, or religion, or many other places. It is a feeling so strong you can't lock it up inside, you would EXPLODE.

Do you feel it?

What side of the spectrum are you on?

I have a dear friend that has just turned her life around just by throwing away the apathy and taking control of her happiness. She is a brilliant woman who I have always looked up to. An engineer making good money. But she felt stuck and depressed. So she made some goals to join a gym, lose weight, and she found more productive uses for her extra time and money! Talk about an amazing woman!! She is inspiring. She radiates happiness and it is contagious!

If you are feeling apathetic about life, find something to be passionate about.
Pick up a new hobby. Take a class. Go somewhere you have always wanted to go. Start up a new business. Make a new friend. HELP SOMEONE.

I am very blessed to be passionate about my job, motherhood, my beliefs, and my hobbies. In fact, I've been told I am overly-passionate sometimes. I get so caught up in hobbies, books, and other fantastically interesting things that I devote waaay too much time to them. (But it's totally worth it!)

I'll climb up on my soap box one more time and yell out, "WAKE UP! Don't spend another day wasting your life away! Life is so short and there is so much love and happiness out there to share! Find something that makes your life worth living!!!"

Ok, I'm done. I feel much better.

Thanks for listening.

I think I'll go read a book about gardening. I've always wanted to be a good gardener.
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