March 17, 2011

POW! - Boxer Bot T-shirt (w/ Tutorial)

March 17, 2011
Rock 'em and Sock 'em!

This is the "Bad Guy Fighting Robot!" a.k.a. Boxer Bot

I make so many screen printed tees, it's fun to mix it up and make some extra special shirts for my own bad-guy fighting boys!
Here's what you need;

knit fabric: Green, Red, Blue (I used old t-shirts, I have a lot of them lying around.)
Wonder Under
1/2 inch White grosgrain ribbon
Felt scraps : Orange, White, and Black

1. Print and Cut out your Boxer Bot pattern. It probably won't be on girly pink paper like mine.

2. Trace your Boxer Bot onto Wunder Under. Make sure you trace the gloves upside down.  You can see in the next pic that I forgot and I had to make a whole new pair of gloves.  :o(

3. Cut out your wonder under pieces and iron them onto the wrong side of your fabric.  If you are using knits, they should be the same on both sides. It makes life easy that way.

4. Cut 'em out.
5. Trace your "Pow!" and your Robot's eyes mouth and eyebrows on Felt and cut out.

7.Arrange Boxer Bot on the t-shirt. Cut arms and legs from grosgrain ribbon. Tuck the ribbon under the knit peices when you iron them on.
8. Once you are happy with your bot, iron him in place, tucking the ribbon under the appliques before you iron.

9. Sew down ribbon arms and legs. One line down the middle should hold it well.

10. Using a contrasting thread, sew around the outside of the star and robot appliques.  Make sure to stitch inside the gloves where the lines are drawn.

11. To hold the felt in place, use a glue stick. Apply it to the back of the felt words and stick them in place.
12. Do the same thing with the eyes and mouth. (Wait to glue the pupils and eyebrows until after the white parts are sewn.) Warning: This might make your glue hairy.
13. Stitch the felt into place. I stitched down the middle of the letters in the word POW! . . .

And stitch around the outsides of the eyes and mouth. Then add the pupils and eyebrows, stitch them down the middle with black thread.

14. Get out your embroidery thread and add some mean teeth.

And whatever else you want.



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Kris @ said...

So cute!!! I love how bright the applique is on the black!! I saw you on IAM-HMR!

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