March 18, 2010

Flower Bud Drum Light Tutorial

March 18, 2010
I needed a new light for my studio and I decided to make my own!
 The best part about this project is, I didn't have to buy anything to make this!
I love being able to make use of things I already have.

 And except for the light kit and maybe an embroidery hoop, you probably have everything too!


Materials needed:

Wooden Embroidery Hoop (Mine was a 14in oval but you can use any size you want)
Wire Hanger
Light Kit (I got one super cheap at IKEA)
Thin Wire (I repurposed  wires from an old Cell Phone Charger)
Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Cute Fabric
Light Bulb
Pliers and wire cutters

Step 1. Make a ring to fit around your light kit. Snip the top of a wire coat hanger and use your pliers to manipulate the wire into a circle that will fit around the threaded part of the light kit.

Step 2:  Seperate the two peices of the embroidery hoop and remove any screws or extra hardware. If needed, hot glue the hoop together where it splits to open.

Step 3:  Tie the wire circle made in step 1 to the hoop on all 4 sides with the wire.

Step 4: Prepare your fabric. Cut a strip of fabric that is as tall as you want the shade and as long as the circumfrence of the hoops, plus a couple of extra inches. If you need to, sew two pieces together to get the length you need.

Step 5: Hot glue the edge of the fabric onto the top hoop.
Make sure you start at the back if there are no seams in your fabric, and start on the side if there is a center seam. I forgot to check mine and ended up with a seam in the middle  :(
If your hoop is like mine, when you get to the backside where the hunk of wood is, snip the top and glue the fabric under the wood.  Make sure you leave a couple of inches of fabric at the end for finishing.

Step 6: Line up the fabric on the second hoop and hot glue the bottom of the fabric around the second hoop.

Step 7: Once you get to the end, using fabric glue or hot glue fold the extra fabric over. . .
. . .then fold it over again (to hide the rough edge) and glue it down.

Step 8: Trim the top and bottom with cute ribbon.
Step 9: Cut two more pieces from the wire hanger that are the same length as the height of your lamp. Hot glue one on each side on the inside of your lamp to reinforce the light and to keep it straight and sturdy

Step 10: straighted out the remaining wire hanger and cut 2 pieces as tall as your lamp. Hot glue these on the inside of both sides (on the hoop) to reinforce the lamp, take out the wrinkles, and make it more sturdy.

Note: if your light doesn't hang straight because of extra weight on the embroidery hoop, hot glue small washers or other weight onto the opposite side of the hoop to balance out the weight.

Step 11: Embellish!
I added fabric flowers made from silver satin. ( and they hid the unsightly seam that was on the front.

Lastly: attach the light kit to your new creation and hang according to the light kit directions.

Enjoy your one-of-a-kind custom lighting!

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15 fabulous people said. . .:

Kari @ Ucreate said...

This is fabulous! I will definitely be featuring!

Nikki said...

That is awesome!!!! I'm so going to do that in my kitchen, thanks!

Jenn said...

You are amazing! I will definitely put this project on my to-do-list!!
Have a fabulous day!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for putting this together. I saw on one website (can't remember which one) about taking the blades off of a ceiling fan and adding a shade to make it a new light. I had not idea how to make the shade.

Syndy The Queen of Thrift said...

Wow, that is great! I have a drum light that I've been wondering what to do with (it does not match my living room), and now I know!! Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

That is lovely! Thanks so much!

KJ said...

I popped by via UCreate. This is amazing. Well done!

Jess said...

this is too cute. I have been trying to make a lamp shade for a couple weeks, but couldn't figure it out. Great idea!!

Melissa said...

this is awesome. Can't wait to make one!

Beth said...

ok yeah, seriously so awesome. I am adding this to my list of my home re-do projects!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I love it! Where did you get your fabric by the way?

Jenifer said...

:) Thanks! The fabric is Amy Butler. I got it from (LOVE that site)

Kate said...

this is so cute! how did you make the fabric flowers?

Michelle @ Periwinkle said...

what a great job you did on this project! thanks for the effort you put into the tutorial! michelle

Stephanie said...

I love this project so much I featured it today on my blog! Thanks for sharing!

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