May 14, 2010

It's FRIDAY! (New Sales today!)

May 14, 2010
I love Fridays! I'm not the typical 9-5 worker and I don't get the weekends off (as all you moms know) but I love that I get to see my hubby for 2 days and get a little help with the little tornadoes! I'm hoping to attack my stack of new orders and get them D-U-N Done!  I have more changes and improvemnens, and new designs coming soon!!! (oooh! I can't wait for you to see!)

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I've got 4 more new deals for today! Happy Friday Everyone!  

DEAL #1: "Beat it" toddler tee. (I love this one)  available in sizes 12m to boys size 7. Check out the color options.  If you want it faster, I have lots of these cute drum tees already made up in black.  So if you order this tee in black it will most likely ship out next day.

DEAL #2: "The World Revolves Around Me" Toddler Tee (sizes 12m to boy's size 7) only $10! (was 16.99).

DEAL #3: "Chunky Munkey" Toddler Tee. (12m to 4T) only $10!  (was 16.99)

DEAL #4: ANY KELLY GREEN Toddler Tee (12m to 4T) only $10 today! (was 16.99) You pick your favorite Toddler Tee design and I'll put it on a Kelly Green shirt!

Grab these deals up today because tomorrow they will be long gone.


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