May 29, 2010

Can you handle it?

May 29, 2010
With all the arrival of our new premium quality t-shirts I thought it only fitting to get some new pictures that are just as. . . well. . .premium.

Eric Greer from Eric Greer Photo was the man behind the camera. And HOLY COW! Words can't even describe!

And you've got to hand it to a guy that is willing to chase toddlers/preschoolers around to get some good shots. It's not easy.

Here are a handful of my favorites:

Can you handle the cuteness?
Little Mister
Beat It

Definition of a Boy

Dig It

 Check out more new pics in my shop!

And. . .

I've got a new design or two coming up after the holiday weekend.

Eric Greer also does family, engagement, and wedding pictures. I LOVE his style! You have to see his work!
Check out his portfolio here.
 And his Blog.

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