May 19, 2010

Something Different

May 19, 2010
My office is in shambles.

Me an my little tikes had went a whole week with no TV!! It took the hubby a little convincing that this was a good idea but we did it! It was easier than I thought and I felt so good knowing that my little boys' brains weren't turning to mush.

That's not why my office is torn apart.

I turned on the TV and the first show I watched had some simple advice:

 When you feel like you are stuck in a rutDo Something DIFFERENT!

So, I did!
Not because the black box told me too. I had been thinking about changing some things up already but this gave me that extra little nudge I needed.

I can tell you, little changes make a HUGE difference.

So. . . . .
I chopped 6 inches off my hair!  (I'm working on getting before and after pics of this)

And I started tearing down the wallpaper in my office. I think my hubby is scared that I've been possesed by some evil DIY spirit. He thinks I'm stressed and busy already and he couldn't believe I was taking on stripping and painting the office too! Don't worry honey, it's like therapy for me. And the office will look great when it's done! I'm so excited to choose paint colors!

I have limited space in my office because I share space with 2 humonguos computer desks. It's getting a teeny bit cramped.  see?
(Looks bad eh?  I got a pic of the room at it's worst; mess, wallpaper and all. I can't wait until I have an "after" shot to show off!)
So that's why my office is in shambles. I've moved the furniture all around, along with my boat-loads of Cantaloupe Corner supplies. Paint first, then arrange and re-organize! 

Now, what color do I want these walls. . . . . . ?

Did I mention I have some remodeling going on with Cantaloupe Corner too? Our new shirts are here and waiting paitiently to have their pictures taken (once my little models start feeling better).  You are going to LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOVE them!

And we have 3 new Toddler Tee designs coming! (squeal!)

All these changes will be going on in the next couple of weeks!  I wish it could all be done tomorrow so I could show you! I'm sooo excited!

You should try No TV Week too. My boys finally stopped asking me if they could watch a movie every 10 minutes. It was bliss.

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