May 19, 2010

Little Monster!

May 19, 2010
Take a look at this cute "little monster"! His name is Sam and his mom refers to him as the "resident monster" in their house. (Love it!)
 His mommy Julie, runs "The Gerber Babies" blog and she was kind enough to do a review yesterday on this onesie.  Check out the detailed review here.

She even mentioned how easy it is to care for these onesies.

She said:

 "I've already washed Sam's onesie and it was simple. I did not have to turn it inside out (which I often fail to do-hey, I've got too much on my mind these days!) and it looked new after washing. Sometimes black fades after the first wash but this onesie held it's color (and lack of color) well! She offers several colors and a variety of sizes. Each item arrives wrapped in tissue paper, perfect for giving!"

 Thanks Julie! "Your "little monster" is adorable!" If only my babies had hair like that.. . .
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