May 31, 2010

{ The Big Picture }

May 31, 2010
As I was cleaning up my studio this morning, organizing what I could out of the mess that I am calling a studio re-model, I picked up the most trusted and useful tools a screenprinter owns: squeegees.
(I love that word! SQUEEGEE! It's even more fun to type!)

As you all know, we sell tshirts that use no ink and no paint so my squeegees always stay squeaky clean.

But. . . .Today they look like this:

My squeegees got a workout!

Me, and my family spent the last 2 weeks working on campaign signs for one of my favorite people in the whole world: my mother-in-law.

 After making 5 giant silkscreens,  we printed 65 4ft x 4ft road signs and 64 2ft x 2ft yard signs. My yard was plastered with red, white, and blueIt was beautiful!

And now my squeegees show the battle wounds of real screenprinting usage; red and blue paint spattered across the rubber and smooth wood.  And as strange as it may seem, I don't miss my clean squeegees.

As I moved my tools around this morning I had a "big picture" moment, staring at the red, white and blue.  If it weren't for the soldiers who gave their lives for our country, there would be no Cantaloupe Corner.

Today is Memorial Day. I love this country more than I can express! I am grateful every day for the soldiers that went before us to protect what God set up for us in this blessed land.

Thank you to our soldiers for protecting the people and standing up for the rights given to us by God.
It is thanks to their courage and strength that we enjoy our freedoms.

So each time we get on Facebook or Twitter to speak our minds, thank a soldier.
When we go to church,  attend a rally or protest,  pick up the newspaper, shop at the local grocery store, fill up your cars with gas. . . .  And each time an entrepreneur starts up a small business, THANK A SOLDIER!

The men and women of the military gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we can be free!  

The simple words of "Thank You" just aren't enough. . . .

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