June 1, 2010


June 1, 2010
I've been holding onto these designs for too long but I wanted them to debut with our new high quality tees. So no more waiting!

 Here are our newest Cantaloupe Corner designs!
(que AC/DC "Back in Black"  background music)

This first design popped into my mind a dozen times before I finally drew it out and made it real. It went through a few drafts before I finally fell in love with it. I call it "Flashback" because it looks retro 80's. Oh, and of course, it is made of lightning bolts.

When I was in high school (way back in the day), it was the cool thing to wear retro 70s gear.
you know, the return of bell bottoms, lime green, hippy flower prints.  We actually raided my parents closets and wore their old clothes! My dad had the most awesome forest green bell bottoms (yes, my dad's old clothes actually fit us.)

Today you see retro 80s stuff EVERYWHERE! I love the bright colors and slinky, comfy clothes.
This is kinda my tribute to the rockin' 80s  (minus the florescent yellow, big bangs,  and acid washed, tapered leg jeans.)

And. . .
Our next shop greenie is . . .

Look familiar? This is our "Depth of Love" tree print now available on Toddler Tees! I made one for my son and I find myself reaching for this shirt whenever it is clean. I love the design and the new shirts are just so darn irresitably soft.

Come welcome the new memebers of our Etsy shop by paying them a visit from time to time. They like that.

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