March 4, 2010

{ Chunky Monkey }

March 4, 2010
I, like the rest of you, am a sucker for a chubby baby. Those pinchable cheeks, thunder thighs, ankle rolls, and that deliciously round tummy!

{  Baby fat just makes me melt  }

My favorite name for chubby babies has always been "chunky monkey".
(Not to be confused with the Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor, though they are equally scrumptious.)

Introducing our newest design!

Chunky Monkey is now available as a bodysuit (sizes 6m to 24m) in my Etsy shop. This design will very soon be available on a toddler tee also!

P.S. I tried to fatten up my cute little model for this shot but he is a hopelessly skinny baby,
unlike my oldest son who would have rightfully been dubbed a "chunky monkey". 
I still enjoy my littlest guys pinchable baby cheeks  :)

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1 fabulous people said. . .:

MissKArt said...

LOL. Maybe I need this item. People call me thunder thighs and I'm 24. And I have a round tummy and rolls, but not around my ankles... Anyway, very cute kid and onesie!

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