April 22, 2011

MARCO. . .

April 22, 2011
. . .POLO!

My li'l bro asked me to make him some shirts and he brought me a challenge I hadn't tried yet: Polo shirts!

I didn't want them to look like bowling shirts, which is easy to do when you are printing on polo shirts. Me and my hubby brainstormed and this is what we came up with:

Just to give you some background on why we chose these designs: My brother is taking heavy equipment courses through NAVIT right now in school and he gets to drive big trucks and tractors. He absolutely loves it! He wanted me to incorporate tractors into one of the shirts.

The red shirt was inspired by his nick-name "Crash". He has had some bad luck in the last few years and has had broken bones, been hit by a car (ouch!) and he was in a car accident too.
He has a great sense of humor about his luck and sometimes calls himself the "crash-test-dummy." lol.

I wrapped the side designs around the side of the shirt for a unique look.  

I just sent these to him and I'm happy to report that he "loooooooves" his new polos!

Now I want to make some for my boys too!
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1 fabulous people said. . .:

Beth said...

Very cute! I love the preppy look of the polos, but with your designs it doesnt make it loooked too dressed up!

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