April 8, 2011

10 reasons not to buy ink-printed clothing

April 8, 2011
Top 10 Reasons Not to buy ink-printed clothing.

1. Plastisol inks, the most popular t-shirt printing inks, often need to be cleaned up using chemicals. Water based inks can require chemical clean ups if they dry onto the silkscreen, or other tools during printing. Ink-free printing involves only soap and water clean up.  Ink-free is the environmentally friendly choice.

2. Plastisol and Water Based inks are considered to be hazardous chemicals in their uncured state. They must be disposed of as such according to local regulations.

3. Inks may contain lead. American made inks are lead-free but lead is still found in inks purchased overseas.
  For example, HERE is a site that has recalled items, some containing lead in the screen printing ink.

4. You cannot iron a plastisol screen printed design, or many water based ink designs. The ink will melt and smear.

5. The design can also stick to itself or another item if it is put into a hot dryer or exposed to other forms of heat.

6. Over time, the ink will wear and break down, causing cracks in the design. This always happens to my favorite t-shirts.

7. Also, due to wear, the ink will fade over time. Ink-free shirts will look just as good wash after wash. There is nothing on them to fade of wear out.

8. The hand, or thickness and touch, of the ink design can be thick and sticky, or even scratchy. Even when water based inks are used you can still feel the design on the shirt. In contrast, ink-free printed shirts leave nothing but soft fabric for your fingers to touch.

9. The CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) 2008, requires that children's items must be lead free. If a company cannot prove that an item is lead free it must be tested by a third party. This drives up costs for children's ink-printed clothing.
Because we don't use ink, there is no concern about lead. And we can keep our costs down while still providing the highest quality toddler t-shirts available anywhere!

10. Everyone owns ink-printed clothing. There are so many screen printers out there that print using the same ol' inks. Be unique and choose something ink-free!
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