April 9, 2011

Happiness is : a positive thought

April 9, 2011
How are you feeling right this moment?


We have so many things going on in our lives. And there are so many emotions we are going through, sometimes all at the same time.  It is exhausting!

Now take those emotions you are feeling and focus in on only the positive ones. Focus on the JOY, HAPPINESS, EXCITED, LOVING and PEACEFUL feelings. They may not be the strongest emotion you are feeling right now but empty the others out of your head, even if just for a minute. Find a smidgen of happiness amidst the chaos of life. And make that feeling grow until it fills you up.

Think of someone you love, something you love to do, or a place that makes you feel happy.
Your children, your spouse or significant other, your favorite sport, hobby, or project, or maybe a tropical island, or your home town.
Really feel the good emotions in your heart.

Now how are you feeling?

Positive thought are extraordinarily powerful. Just one or two positive thoughts can help you let go of the negative emotions and replace them with real, happy emotions.

 One of my favorite quotes is "There is no reality, only perception." This means that your world exists through your eyes. The way you see your world is what is real to you. So why not add some more happiness to your world by letting go of negative thoughts and holding on to positive thoughts. The only thing in life that you can completely control is your thoughts. Take advantage of that and make those thoughts the best they can be.

When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you think of?
The first thing I usually think is,
 "It is waaaay to early for me to be up!"
 "I have soooo much to do today. I don't think I can get it all done."
 "Why does my husband get to sleep in when I'm pregnant and I have to get up and feed the kids?"
"My back hurts and I don't want to be pregnant any more!"
(boo hoo)

So naturally I wake up grouchy. I make myself the victim of my circumstances. (Who wants to come visit me first thing in the morning? anyone?)

This week I have tried to control my emotions and thoughts from the start of the day. It's not easy to do. In fact, it is one of the hardest things I have ever attempted. My brain has been programmed to think negative thoughts first thing in the morning.
So I force myself to take a deep breath and think things like
" I can't wait to take my kids to do _________ today!",
"I love myself and my family because _________"
"I am going to be a better person today because __________"
"I am going to be a really good wife today and let my husband sleep in so he will have a better day at work."
"I am going to be happy today because I deserve to be happy!"

Has it made a difference?


Not only do I wake up feeling better, but the feeling carries over to my kids and husband too! I have noticed that the kids don't fight as much, I have more patience, my husband volunteers to help with breakfast, the cluttered house doesn't seem like such a pig sty, and we all enjoy being together so much more.
It has been a noticeable change. I can't believe I have been depriving me and my family of this much happiness all because I wanted to play the victim. How selfish of me.

Because it has been such a great experience, I want to invite all of you to try it too. All you have to do is think positive thoughts from the moment you wake up in the morning. I would love to hear how it goes for you!

A positive thought is a seed that when nurtured can grow into real happiness!
Plant more positive thoughts in your head and your life will become a happier place to live.
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