April 6, 2011

{ Rainbow Krispies }

April 6, 2011
I posted thisrecipe for Rainbow Rice Krispy Treats a while back.  With spring and Easter in the air I thought they would brighten things up around here!  They make a yummy after school snack or a fun anytime treat.
And they would be so cute at an Easter Party!

I made these happy rainbow krispy treats for my son's preschool class last week.
They were learning about rainbows :)
They are so vibrant, colorful, and rainbow-licious!

Rainbow Krispies:
You are going to be making 4 small batches of treats (it is faster than it sounds.)

For each small batch:

1 1/2 Tbs. Butter,
5-8 drops of food coloring (Blue, Green, Yellow, Red)
1/2 of a 10.5 oz bag of mini marshmallows
3 cups of Rice Krispies

1. Melt the butter in a pot over med/low heat.

2. Add food coloring to desired color. I added between 5-8 drops of color per batch. Blue, Green, Yellow, Red.

3. Add mini marshmallows to butter and stir until melted.

4. Remove from heat.

5. Add rice krispies and stir until well combined.

6. Pour mix into a large buttered casserole dish or roasting pan.
Use buttered spatula to press the krispies down.

7. Wash your pan or use a new pan to avoid mixing colors.
8. Repeat this process for the next 3 layers.

Let set until completely cooled and hardened.

Cut into squares and enjoy!

P.S. mmmmm, they are soooo good!


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