April 13, 2010

A place for everything

April 13, 2010
My little office/studio is getting a wee bit cramped. And I'm in need of some major organizational magic.

I share my space with our big family computer desk and a matching desk that belongs to my father-in-law, plus my craft desk.  Yes, 3 desks and a business in one office is a more than a little snug. Since getting rid of the desks isn't an option I am doing my best to utilize every square inch I have left.

It doesn't help that I'm a craft pack-rat and I have seperation anxiety when I even think about getting rid of any of my precious fabric, or ribbon, buttons, lace, paint . . . 

But, I'm working on expanding my tshirt sizes and styles, and with that I need more storage space.

It will be a while before my space issues are resolved, but in the mean time I found a project on Ucreate today that makes me want to jump in and get started.

I have been thrift store and yard sale hunting for the perfect desk and a tall bookcase to store all my lovely, precious "junk" in. Once I find my bookcase I am going to use these to fill it.

These adorable fabric covered storage boxes are from Make it and Love it.

I was going to buy baskets but I'm so happy that I can make my own and use what I already have.

I'll keep my eyes open for a smokin' hot deal on a great looking, sturdy bookcase, and in the mean time I've found something to keep me busy in my rare moments of free time!

UPDATE: I've started cooking up our brownies from the Ultimate Brownie Challege. Holy Cow!  I think I've gained 5 pounds already! (No Joke) Great recipes!  I had the best intentions of taking pictures of every batch but somehow the brownies keep disappearing before I can even get my camera out! 

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