October 7, 2009

Halloween wish list. . . spooky!

October 7, 2009
The frightful night is creeping upon us like a spider stalking softly and quickly across his sticky sparkling web. It sneaks closer as the clock ticks it's mesmerizing repetitive song. Halloween will soon be here!

Beware the creatures and spirits that make thier grand entrance on All Hallows Eve. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!

So, what are you going to be on Halloween night? A witch or a goblin or a ghost?

Here are a few things that could make your night fun and frightful!

(Most of these are on my personal wish list!)

What does your future hold? Look into this breathtaking Crystal Ball Ring to find out. This would make a great addition to your witch, gypsy, gothic, vampire, fortune teller, or wizard costumes.
This lovely ring was crafted by idlehandsdesigns

Next up is this Neo-Victorian Tiara by EJPcreations. Dark and beautiful, this tiara is made out of, what else, clock hands! Can you believe it? Unique and stunning!

Here in Mesa, Az, Fall is the most beautiful time of the year. I crave the autumn decor that begins to overtake every craft store this time of year. I love the greens, browns, oranges and reds. That is why I love these adorable autumn flavored earrings by bijouxdesignsforyou. (She is also a member of the Busy Moms of Etsy!)

Here is a uniqe idea, tattoo nylons. They'll make you batty! (Sorry for the cheap pun, I just couldn't help it.) Add extra flare to your Halloween costume with something so unpredictable and oh so sassy! More designs and colors available at Post on Etsy.

I couldn't finish this post without something piratey. I absolutely adore this red velour pirate hat. I've been trying to piece together my piratess costume for Halloween and this hat would be the perfect finishing touch. Arrrr. (Hat by CarribbeanRosePirate)

If you want to dress up but don't want to spend big bucks or go through the trouble of finding or making a costume, I have the perfect solution for you. A shark bite hat by ObeyMyBrain! It also doubles as a stuffed animal when Halloween is over. Shark-tastic!

Now for the kid's stuff! I found these cute frankenstien baby mary jane shoes and had to show them off to you. I don't think Frankenstein has ever been more loveable! Makes you want to kiss that stitched up little face. :) These cute shoes were made by Em&Sprout.
And speaking of cute Frankensteins. . . You have to check out OhBananas! She made this adorable, 2 toothed, cute-as-a-button Franky for your little monster to wear this Halloween!

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3 fabulous people said. . .:

Glenda said...

Thank you so much for including our earrings in your lovely Halloween picks! This will be our first year trick or treating with the little one so we are super excited!

EJPcreations said...

Thank you so much for adding my little tiara to your wish list. There are some amazing items here. I just want all of them!!!

idle hands designs said...

Aarrr! Thanks for featuring my crystal ball ring along with such amazing artists ::)


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