October 29, 2009

P.S. You can make one too

October 29, 2009
One of my favorite trends right now is all the spiffy decked-out headbands I see all the cool girls wearing. From frilly felted flowers to lace and vintage buttons, you can't deny their cuteness!
(This one is by Emma lee's boutique on Etsy)

As I was wondering through cyberspace I happened across this adorable site called P.S. I made this. I'm sure all of you "in" people already know about this site but I just found it for the first time.

This site is full of do-it-yourself high fashion projects. Most of which don't take much time or money to make.

This one was my fave! A sweet art deco headband made of just a few items you can pick up at your local craft store (or in your own craft stash.) Yep, fancy yet super simple. (I knew you would like it.)

I think I might have to try this out today.

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