August 4, 2009

How do you write a cursive letter "r"?

August 4, 2009
Eagar Daze was a blast! I'll do an update with pictures soon. My little brother's wedding is this weekend and things here have been. . . well. . . a bit crazy. Mad in fact.
It was great to take a trip to the mountains. Time just seems to slow down up there. Aaaahhh, it makes me relaxed just thinking about it.
While I was running around like a crazy person last week I decided to make a funky sign for my Eagar Daze booth. Here is the start of it. I leaf printed it with eucalyptus leaves straight off my back yard tree. It looked pretty stinkin' cool! Then, I tried to be the artist that I obviously am not and hand paint the words "Cantaloupe Corner" over my leaf prints. It looked awful! A kindergartener could have painted it better! I didn't realize that I have no idea how to make a semi-decent looking cursive "r" (even thought there is an r at the end of my name, Jenifer. Pathetic.) So, I trashed my masterpiece and had to start at square one. Oh well, at least I got a pic of my original. I'll post a pic of the finished sign next time.

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