August 28, 2009

More stuff! Halloween and more!

August 28, 2009
It's almost September so naturally we are thinking about Halloween, right?

Ok, maybe it's just me. I wanted to get a start on some monster-ific designs for my shop! Here is the first: "Little Monster"
I can't wait to make one of these for my baby! I might even put this on a cute orange tee for my 3 year old. He truly can be a little monster :)

Next up is the "Hoo Me?" Owl tee on Golden yellow. I only have one but I like the color so much I might have to order me some more!

This Helicopter applique onesie is one-of-a-kind. I wanted to sell this design in my shop but it took so much time to cut and sew that I only wanted to make one. Since I can't double my prices to make up for the time spent, I have to say farewell to this cute chopper and give someone the chance to buy a true one-of-a-kind onesie. It is size 12 months so come pick it up in my shop.

This sweet little girly owl sports a red ginham bow. Making her extra cuddly cute! I also have this design available sans bow in my shop.
I was experimenting with colors and found that the red turns gold when I use the dye remover! Gold! So, here is a "Do the Robot" tee in red! Even though I designed this robot for little boys, I can't help hoping he ends up on one of my shirts someday :)
So instead of the boy's robot, I put this adorable girl robot on a women's scoop neck tee. This shirt has fun written all over it!
And last, but certainly not least is "Small Fry". My little small fry is the model here. This is a black onesie with a small order of fries on the front. Stinkin' cute if you ask me (but I made it so I'm a bit biased). Thanks for lookin'

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