July 30, 2009

Eagar Daze! Yee Haw!

July 30, 2009

I am so depressed that I didn't get to do Etsy Faves this week. I'm not a total slacker though. I have been working crazy long hours trying to get a bunch of tees and onesies ready for my first booth!
*Cantaloupe Corner will be at Eagar Daze in Eagar Arizona this Saturday! *

What is Eagar Daze?
A big yearly celebration in Eagar AZ! I used to go to it every year when I was little. I grew up in this small town in AZ.
So it may not be a big show but I can't wait!

The best part is, my dad is going to be sharing the booth with me.

So get this, it's going to be stenciled shirts and . . . wait for it. . . Bullet Belt Buckles! ha!

Not the greatest of combinations but you can fit both into the "things you wear" catagory and that's close enough for me. My dad is amazing and he is an inspiration to me so I'm glad that I can share his little 10x10 foot area with him!

So. . . if any of you just happen to be in the White Mountains in Arizona this weekend, come to Eagar Daze! They have tons of stuff to do and I'll be there showing off my stuff!

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3 fabulous people said. . .:

Erica said...

I can't believe how many shirts you made! I hope you sell them all. Take some pictures for us! Good luck....

becki said...

Yay! I will see you there!

*lindsey said...

Yo Jenifer! I love my shirt! I gave you a shout-out on my blog. That should up your viewship by about... five people! You're so lucky to know me! ;)

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