July 1, 2009

This just in. . . new cuteness!

July 1, 2009
New onesies for Cantaloupe Corner!

First up is my very first black onesie! I designed this one almost 2 years ago and it finally made it into my shop!

Once I got it listed today it hit me that "Beat It" is a Michael Jackson song. The connection was not intended but it sure is ironic, don't ya think?

Next is my new favorite applique onesie. I turned my heart flowers stencil into heart flowers applique! I am so happy with how it turned out.

If I had a girl I would love to dress her up in one of these beauties.

I also got some new pics of some previously posted shirts. Aren't my models cute? Yep, they are my little sweethearts.
This is Simon, my 3-year-old smarty-pants. He just turned 3 last month. I have to brag about him because he is so smart. He is already reading simple words and he is 3!
That is why he is the "Brightest Crayon in the Box."
This little guy is Ryan. He is 10 months old and a little ray of sunshine. He always makes me smile. And who can resist those chubby cheeks?

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