February 24, 2011

{ Brightest Crayons } What you wear = who you are

February 24, 2011
Remember a few years ago when you walked into a store in the mall, like say. . . American Eagle, or Aeropostale, and all of their graphic tees had some type of beer, drug, or strip club reference?
I do.

I am happy to report that many, many of those derogatory tees are being replaced by real art and humor.

I know that these stores I listed are for teenagers/adults but I still don't agree with 14 year old's walking around in Jack Daniels t-shirts or "Bobby Joe's Gentleman's Club" tees. Thank you to all of the graphic designers/screenprinters that decided that these shirts are distasteful!

How can our children feel good about themselves when they are dressed in clothing with rude comments or other all-around bad messages?

What you wear reflects how you feel about yourself. We, as parents, know this.
I strive to stay away from the morally questionable whenever I create any of our t-shirt designs. But I have to say that it is easy when it comes to dressing cute little preschoolers, toddlers and babies! 

One of the designs my boys get the most compliments on is our "Brightest Crayon in the Box" tee.

This is one of the first Cantaloupe Corner designs every made. I loved that the message is uplifting and makes my son feel "bright". I think he is such a smart boy and it was so fun to create a shirt to let him know how I feel about him.

We need to let our kids know that we think they are cute, smart, funny, clever, and so much fun! As their parents, we need to help them develop a love for themselves. That is why I try so hard to keep our t-shirt messages upbeat, fun, and uplifting.

You child can be a Super Hero, a Monkey, a Train Engineer (my son's favorite), or a handsome Little Mister.

I believe that what your child wears reflects how you feel about them. You dressed them, right?  (OK, not always, my youngest insists that he wears the same 3 shirts every day. But I buy/make those shirts for him.)

Keep it fun. Keep it clever. And Always keep it on the "bright" side.
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