February 12, 2011

New Colors!

February 12, 2011
 I am happy to post that we are adding some more color to our line!

Yes sir-ee, we love our boy's tees and we wanted to bring in a new boy color!
I just barely got our new shipment of BROWN toddler t-shirts!!    Excited??   Me too!!!

My 4 year old has made this "I Heart Trains" shirt his new favorite. He wears it every time it is clean.

 And the best part is that it takes a lot to make a brown shirt look dirty, and that means a lot to mother of 2 (almost 3) little boys.  Definitely mother approved.

As of today, all of our boy's tee designs are now available on brown shirts.

And if that isn't enough excitement for today, we have a new onesie color too!

Watch for our new NAVY BLUE onesies, popping up at Cantaloupe Corner.
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1 fabulous people said. . .:

Beth said...

oh, I think its great! I love the brown/yellow color combo of the train tee too! I think I need to get another t-shirt from you now!

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