February 14, 2011

Chocolate Chip TOUGH!

February 14, 2011
Today feels like a chocolate-licious day. It's Valentines Day, a day of flowers and chocolates and treats of all kinds. I'm very partial to chocolate.
In fact, our house smells like chocolate cookies, mmmm. We are cooking up goodies for our Valentines.

Today just feels like the right day to introduce our rich, chocolate brown t-shirts with a new design!

Chocolate chip cookie anyone?

Tough Cookie

Here is the inspiration for this design:

My fearless 2-year-old. Nothing crumbles this cookie. He is rough and tough! Bumps and bruises don't even phase him. I am sure that most of this comes with being the second child and having to fight big brother for everything.

Whatever the reason, he really is one "Tough Cookie".

The Tough Cookie shirt is now available in our Etsy Shop. And now you can get it on yummy, kid friendly, chocolate brown.
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