November 8, 2010

i heart specials

November 8, 2010
Thanks goodness for modern medicine. I am finally feeling almost back to myself again. I have been enjoying the goreous weather that graces our state this time of year, and  I have been finishing up some special orders.

I just had to show this one. It's a set I made for a customer's wedding. Her bridal hairpiece and hair clips for her bridesmaid and daughter.
Her wedding dress is a gorgeous antique style ivory colored dress with layers and layers of lace. To match, I used ivory satin and ivory lace flowers.

~ and I have discovered that I have a secret love for feathers. ~

In my rush to get orders out the door I usually forget to take pics of the custom orders. Some of them take a lot of  time too,*sigh*.
 I really enjoy pouring myself into the custom orders. Here are some that I actually snapped shots of before they jumped into the mailbox.

 This was for a cute little girls Halloween Costume. I printed it in fuchsia ink to match her fuchsia skirt. Have I ever mentioned how fun it is to print with ink. I actually heard myself say "wow!" when I pulled up the screen and saw this shirt for the first time.

This was for an owl-lovin' 2 year old in Canada. I love this one so much I'm thinking about adopting it.
 i heart owls.

I'm working on another fab special order this week for a friend and for my kids too!  I'm suffering from a major case of mommy brain these days so I will do my best to remember to take pictures. no promises.
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2 fabulous people said. . .:

Anna Moyer said...

I adore that hairpiece!
Aside from my own obsession with all things feathery, lacey, and vintage, your handiwork is gorgeous. The detail in the flower centers just makes me smile. I'm glad you're feeling better, and have a lovely week!


Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

Those hairpieces are awesome!
And of course I heart your co's :)

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