November 16, 2010

~ What boys love ~

November 16, 2010
My boys are such. . .  boys.

We have an endless supply of matchbox cars and trains (lots and lots of trains) that are always scattered about our house. If I ever have to make a trip outside of my bedroom at night I walk very slowly and cautiously just to make sure that my feet locate the boobie-traps-on-wheels before I become their victim.

I can't say I was surprised at my 4 year old's answer when I aked him "If you could have anything at all on a t-shirt, what would it be?"
"I want a shirt that says 'I love trains!!" 

How silly of me to even ask.   

My 2 year old isn't quite as paticular about what kind of rolling toy it is, as long as it has wheels. He does have a love for fire engines, which he lovingly calls "wee-ooo-wee-oos".
 He wanted his shirt to say "I love wee-oo-wee-oos".  I'm probably the only one who would understand it, so I compromised, since I know how much he loves big trucks and tractors too. He got his own "I love trucks" shirt!

 My sweet little boys have brought me flowers from our yard every day this week. Simon didn't want his picture taken so he hid from the camera, but still gave me my pretty flower.
 How I adore these boys.

My Cantaloupe Corner Etsy shop will be re-opening for a limited time as soon as I get my t-shirt shipment in!
*happy dance*

I would love to add the "I love trains" and "I love trucks" to our Cantaloupe Corner designs. 
Whaddya think? 

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Erica said...

I think Ty will be getting an "I ♥ Trains" shirt for Christmas!

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