September 21, 2010

~ dem bones, dem bones ~

September 21, 2010

Things are getting SPOOKY around here.

Don't let those faces fool you! They are little monsters.

With Halloween just over a month away we though it would be the perfect time to introduce our re-vamped Argyle Skulls t-shirt.

This design has come a long way from the first hand cut stencil I made almost 2 years ago. Me and my x-acto knife did not enjoy the 2 hours it took to cut out the stencil. But now I have improved the design and stuck in on a silkscreen!!

(I can't express how happy I am that I will never have to hand cut another skull stencil. Woo Hoo!)
But seriously, 2 hours of cutting and blisters were worth it.

Now you can get your own spooky Argyle Skulls tee for your toddler! He'll be the coolest kid in pre-school.

Boy's Argyle Skulls toddler tee - Black

Boy's Argyle Skulls toddler tee - Orange

And you can personalize this shirt! Add your son's name to the back.  Just add the distressed name upgrade to your cart when you check out.

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