July 15, 2010

Bridal Shower Ideas!!

July 15, 2010
Here it is! Proof that I wasn't just sitting around eating bon-bons while my shop was closed.
Not that you thought I was. . .
 It's just nice to finally be able to show off some of our hard work from the last few weeks.

These adorable girls are my sisters! And. . . they had their weddings in the same month! And only 4 days apart!!! That's what I said! "Whoa!"

I had the privelidge of helping put together their double bridal shower. My other sister (yes, there are a lot of us) planned the whole thing and I helped her throw it all together.

Some of my favorite things from the shower included the blinged out "Bride" tank tops and their wedding-white ribbon headbands.

We created the coolest budget-friendly decore around!

These are what I like to call Tissue Paper "Poofs". We made them in all sizes to hang around the room and over the serving tables. They were so easy to make and they were a huge hit at the party.  Learn how to make these tissue paper decorations here.

My sister Melesa is an amazing party planner! I loved all of her ideas! She put together the food which featured a secret recipe Artichoke Dip and a beautiful Candy Buffet. It was perfect, down to the last purple M&M.

I contributed the pretty pastel-colored chocolate-dipped pretzels.
And check this out! A cupcake bouquet!!! To die for!

And for party favors: handmade Cantaloupe Corner fabric flower hair clips and headbands!

And here's me with my new short hair. We just played a game where we drew the brides' dream house on a paper plate, on top of our head.   :)
I wish you could see what an amazing artist I am. ha ha! 
I did draw a dog in the yard. What? You can't see it?  


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Shelayna said...

Wow 4 days apart! Thats crazy!!! Everything looks adorable! I love the headbands!

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