February 23, 2010

Adventures of the Craft Maiden

February 23, 2010
All year long we joke with my hubby and his sisters about what we are going to dress up as for Halloween. Even though we all know most of them won't dress up at all (party poopers!)
 We have even started coming up with "stupid superhero" names for each other! Sounds like fun right?

What Stupid Superhero would you be?

 While we were coming up with crazy names like "The Windbreaker" and "The Sprinkler" and "Super Bean" (FYI, these names weren't for me. lol.)

 . . . my Superhero name ended up being . . . CRAFT MAIDEN!

Dun Dun Dun.

I'm armed with glue guns, knitting needles, the ever impressive Bedazzler!

Watch out bad guys or I'll knit you a set of sparkly handcuffs!

Be afraid. . . be very afraid.

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1 fabulous people said. . .:

My name is Noemi said...

I was drinking my afternoon coffee when I read this. I almost spit it out as I read you all were coming up with superhero names!! Good thing I didn't though, as I'm also in the middle of making an order, which by the way happens to be superhero masks for a customer!

Sadly, as I sit here trying to think of a stupid superhero name, I draw blanks....hmm...what about DB for draw blanks? Yes, it's stupid, but hey it goes with the theme! LOL

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