February 22, 2010

Tangerine and Aqua

February 22, 2010
Color = Love 

Surround yourself in color! It will make your life brighter!

This delicious array of Tangerine and Aqua has been brought to you, for your viewing pleasure, by the following Etsy Shops:

Pillow - meringuedesigns 
"Just Ate my Willpower" Print - persimmonandpink
Blue Rose Necklace - soradesigns
Bird Earrings - Apooki
Dress Cookies - HolidayCandyLane
Tangerine Purse - bayanhippo
Cabochon Necklace - thatjewelrygirl
Storage Tub - brodyandma
Zipper Pouch - JPATPURSES

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2 fabulous people said. . .:

My name is Noemi said...

Oh how wonderfully bright and cheery! Thanks for sharing this :)


Great blog and love the colors! Thank you for including my little zip pouch :)

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