November 29, 2009

Who can resist a SALE?!?

November 29, 2009
I dressed my little guy up in his cute little black pirate ship bodysuit over the weekend and he looked so cute and it gave me a great idea! I adore these designs so much I wanted to offer a SALE! For Cyber Monday I have a smokin' deal: 3 cute onesies for only $35 !

And that's not all! How about some stinkin' cute and stylish toddler tees only $45! 11 designs to choose from!
Pick up some fresh-picked goodness for a steal of a deal !
Best prices of the whole year!

I'm so excited about this sale but I've got even more good news!! Cantaloupe Corner has Long Sleeved Tees and new designs!

Snowball Fight!!

BEAT IT- (now available on toddler tees!) Now your little guy (or gal) can make it through the Christmas season with style and a smile.

I can't wait to dress my little boys up in these! I am lovin' the "Snowball Fight". I've had this design in the works for over a year and it's finally here! *happy dance*

P.S. I just threw a snowball at you! ha ha ha! Snowball Fight!!!!

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