October 28, 2011

My kids' costumes: Wall-e and a baby owl

October 28, 2011
I say this every day but I'll say it again. Time is flying by!

Halloween is on Monday and I just barely finished my boys' costumes right in the nick of time. We will be spending the weekend with family so it was getting down to the wire. But they are done! And I'm pooped.

I'll show you my favorite one first. This is Ryan wearing his Wall-e Costume. He has had his heart set on being Wall-e for weeks and I kept hoping he would change his mind because i had no idea how I would pull it off. 2 days ago I realized he was serious about being Wall-e and no other costume would do. I just happened to have a box in the right size and we picked up some spray paint at Wal-Mart. Some painting, cutting, glueing later and we had Wall-e. Since I waited unil the last moment I left out the Wall-e hands and wheels. But Ryan LOVES his costume and I am happy because he is happy. 

And this is my adorable little owl:
 Man, I love this kid.
I crocheted his owl beenie, which will come in handy in the cold winter too.
For the body of his costume I sewed felt "feathers" onto a long sleeved onesie and attached wings to the sleeves. I wanted to keep it soft and small so he doesn't look like he is being swallowed up by his costume. I always feel bad for those kids that their parents dress them up as oversize pumpkins or big fluffy mosters. Their eyes say "please save me from this embarrassing outfit my mom is making me wear!"

I have one more costume I made for my 5 year old that I just finished tonight so I'll post pictures from our Halloween party when we get back.

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1 fabulous people said. . .:

Weaz said...

Love your Wall-E. Especially like that you made his head into a hat and not a mask. What did you use for the eye lenses? Thanks!

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